Pump Action Radio

Over the past four years or so, Pump Action Radio have slowly built their way into the public eye following two EP releases and countless support slots for virtually every touring band who has visited Bournemouth. After releasing title track “Cheating Perfection” as their lead single off the new EP, it was clear that this band have splashed their faces with cold water and gone out on a mission to create something to surpass their previous material.

The first impression from opener “Famous” resides as the patronising phrase; “my haven’t they grown!” as this band have skipped a few chapters with not only the quality of their recordings, but their new found potency for creating hooks, which even the likes of You Me At Six couldn’t help but wish were their own. It’s worth noting that this EP does not contain one song which doesn’t boast a chorus made to plague your mind with infectious melodies. Their pulsating flurry of glossy pop rock ventures into bright clean riffs to pounding chord sequences, blending ever so naturally with the emphatic passion and fury of their rhythm section.

Although “The Difference” starts slightly awkwardly, it manages to spontaneously burst into potentially the most infectious chorus of the lot, coupled with the epic key change in the latter of the song. There’s no doubt that so far I have observed that this band excel in producing sublime choruses; but is there more to them than inducing sing-alongs? Well final track “POW! Right In The Kisser!!!” not only boasts a fantastic name, but also demonstrates just how far this band has come over the past few years as a unit. Intricate riffs, an infectious chorus, passionate gang vocals and a sonic build up inducing an instrumental punch in the face begs to differ, through crusading riffs and thundering drums which remain potent throughout.

Pump Action Radio

Compare this band’s first two records to “Cheating Perfection” and prepare to question whether it’s even the same band. After four years of sticking to their craft, Pump Action Radio have finally produced an effort which polishes off mouthfuls of melody, energy and drive with style. Some would say this is just a new chapter for them, but I would say it’s a new beginning as the band they have always wanted to be.

Track Listing
Cheating Perfection
The Difference
POW! Right In The Kisser!!!


Words by George Fullerton.

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