Hampshire band Ko_Plune are made up of four friends that all study at Southampton Solent University. The have fused their very diverse tastes together to create something quite unique. The band’s name, in case the geeks among you were wondering, is a rearranged play on words of Star Wars Jedi Plo Koon. The band have just released their debut 5 track EP called “Auditory Atlas”.

The EP opens with “Rare Error”; a sort of jazzy vibe with light drumming, combined with gentle keys and Courtney’s vocals over the top. There are various irregular guitar parts along the way making an original but unsettling opening. Next along comes “Panda”, a little more upbeat but still irregular and coming at you from different angles. “Red” starts off much more promising with a guitar riff and some faster paced drumming. This is quite possibly the stand out track of the collection.


“Hydra” and “Machiatto” are both musical texturing and sound-shaping tunes that come very much from the left of centre. They would be most at home in a jazz club or used as easy listening background bed. Ko_Plune are an experimental example of an act that I would call marmite….. You either love them or hate them. They as a band are very much a work in progress and I’m sure will continue to evolve and find the right sounds to suit their vibe. This is certainly a start but sadly I feel it would only reach out to a niche market.

Line Up
Carl Edwards (Guitar)
Jack Hill-Jones (Bass)
Courtney Gray (Vocals, Keys & Synth)
Guy Anderson (Drums).

Track Listing
Rare Error


Contact: kopluneofficial@gmail.com

Words by David Chinery (Chinners).

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