Lucifer Star Machine

No holds barred Punk Rock ‘n’ Roll from this London based 5 piece hits the mark when you need that energy boost post storm! Gotta love British weather, but not as much as British music…

These 5 heavily tattooed individuals have toured extensively with many big names and have honed their skills and abilities, describing themselves as “Like trailer trash poets they sing about love, death, their hatred of religion and the frustrations in every little mans life. These are five guys that have suffered and would die for their Rock ´n Roll. They are a reminder of days when music used to be dangerous. Finally a band you can believe in, a band with a no bullshit attitude and an arsenal of kick ass songs to back it up.”

From the opening hit you are faced with fast-paced blistering guitar work, and a rhythm to keep you moving.

Lucifer Star Machine

“Sulphur & Speed” maintains the energy, but slows the pace while Tor hollers out about war and love, to one of those annoyingly catchy tracks that cannot fail to have the dance floor bouncing uncontrollably. While things take a turn as the aggressive “Hammer Me Dead” will change that bouncy dance floor into a mosh-pit of flailing limbs, and that would only be a warm up for “Death Or Jail”. Leading into “For Reasons Unknown” you get a more rock ‘n roll vibe, all punctuated with that underlying Punk feel.

“Poison Arrows” ups the tempo with an even larger dollop of Rock ‘n Roll you get a track that keeps the head nodding and the feet tapping – no doubt another floor filler at a live show.

“Rotten To the Core” cranks the tempo up and the guitars let rip as your heart starts pounding as the vocals are shouted out. Coming in at just over 70 seconds, this is easily the shortest track on the album. And no doubt someone is at the end of the bitter tirade. “I Hate You Forever” is a fine chunk of aggression (no holds barred NSFW!), again all backed up by some furious Rock ‘n Roll. Dropping the expletives from the get go, summing up all the anger and aggression from the rest of the album.

This is the third album and with a virtually new line-up you can tell they work well together, like a tightly honed machine. From the fast-paced drumming, the guitar hooks and riffs, all seamlessly flowing from punk to fast paced rock ‘n roll. I have only picked up on a few tracks from this 12 track 30 minute chunk of energy, and I am already exhausted. This is all energy no filler, and no chance of a slow number to catch your breathe. You have been warned.

They wear their belief’s on their chests, and their sound is uncompromising. A year or so ago I was listening almost non stop to The Transplants for a little while – I can see this album being on regular rotation. Especially when the band line-up does not list any vocals – just “Throat”.

Released last month ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Martyrs’ is available here.

Line Up
Tor Abyss: Throat
Dave Malice: Guitars
Laughing Boy Fernandes: Guitars
Crusty Chlamydia: Bass
Txutxo Krueger: Drums

Hold Me Down
Sulpher & Speed
Hammer Me Dead
Death Or Jail
For Reasons Unknown
Poison Arrows
Dead And Gone
Dark Water
Cancer Daddy
The Curse
Rotten To The Core
I Hate You Forever


Words by Jon.

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