From the Big Smoke comes this alt-rock trio with their new EP released on April 8th.

It is 4 tracks of addictive, and dare I say a slightly dark, rock that blends in numerous styles into a one successful package. Opening with “Desire” you get a feel for what the guys are about, blending captivating vocals with catchy guitar riffs you instantly hooked.

Opening with a gentle guitar phrase “Your Darker Side” draws you into their world, and forcing you to look at yourself. It is not long before this track has hooked you in as much as “Desire”

“Strangers” stands proud, starting off refrained but soon becomes almost anthem in its delivery, exhibiting a refrained power that is reigned in for the verses. The strong rhythm keeps the attention as the guitar work soars.

Closing off the EP is “The Miracle”, a fitting close to the EP. With its piano work giving a gentler feel, the underlying beat gives it an edge, and as the vocals rise you expect an explosive kick. That explosion does not come, and far from feeling let down it feels right, as everything is carefully considered and placed. The vocals take on a slightly bleaker feel, more strained as if to get the message across.


This has had a number of plays, and will have many more. It ticks a number of boxes, catchy, well produced, well crafted and considered, and more importantly they band tightly together as a single package. With their feet firmly in the alt-rock camp, it clear that their influences are broad. I have said it before, and I will say it again…”where is the album?”. Definitely another to watch out for.

Line Up
Alex Blake – Vocals/Guitar
Angel D – drums, programming, backing vocals
Giulio Granelli – bass, piano, backing vocals

Track Listing
Your Darker Side
The Miracle


Words by Jon.

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