Hampshire based Post-Metal duo Oceanus have produced a tremendous soundscape of an album, one that fits in with life on the Coast.

The opener Sirens (Part 1) being purely instrumental, whilst Part 2 brings in some ethereal vocals, both gently bringing you to part 3 where, comparatively, all hell breaks loose! All the while the guitar work washes over you, building momentum until it crescendos in Part 3.

“Nautica” continues the ocean based flavour as the guitar work continues to grow and swell, although this is punctuated with screamed vocals, even these seem laid back against the music. There is a change of tack for the last quarter of the track; almost a pop feel, perhaps the calm after the storm? It is almost a different track attached to the end of “Nautica”.


“Ora” returns to the gentle opening of Sirens with an almost choral backdrop to the track, with it’s driving guitar and cymbals giving it depth and texture.

No doubt “Theta” and “Waves” are meant to go hand in hand, thematically as well as in sound. They flow together, with waves returning with those dreamlike vocals to carry you across the music. As the guitars take you on that journey of introspection, as is so common with ambient, and mainly instrumental bodies of work (yes, there are vocals in places!).

The bands interest in the ocean is evident throughout in the audio textures and feel. This post-metal/ambient opus is well executed and highly polished, managing to take you far from your day to day happenings. Not forgetting their technical prowess and skill it’s nautical themes just helping that escapism on its way. And having since read their Biography this almost reads like a re-write of it, which for this reviewer means that the album has done what they had hoped for.

Released on September 30th.

Line Up
Alex Fawcett – Guitars/Vocals,
Rob Honey – Bass

Sirens (Part I)
Sirens (Part II)
Sirens (Part III)



Words by Jon

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