Modern Progressive Metalcore – the Marmite of the alternative music world. Why is that? I think itís because it is a very varied genre that has many aspects and layers to it. Technical guitars, rhythmic drumming brilliance, complex basslines, vocal histrionics and above all a willingness to experiment, and push your musical boundaries to the limit.

Zephyr hail from London and on the strength of this outing they might indeed be a force to be reckoned with in the future. The reason I say might is that although they have the majority of boxes listed above ticked, the one thing sadly lacking is the experimentation. The quality of musicianship is there for all to hear but the songs sound very much the same. Itís all very well following a tried and tested formula if you are AC/DC, but these songs run into each other and by the end sound the same. At first listen you sit up and take notice; then by the time Gemini hits you, have the feeling that youíve been here before and the new Tesseract beckons.


That’s the negatives, donít get me wrong there are a lot of positives here. The fact that this band are only a year old and have produced an EP of this calibre hints at bigger and better things to come. The more they tour the tighter theyíll get and the songs will evolve and mature and the musical verity of which they are capable of will shine through. Powerful stuff, a band to keep and eye on. Standout track: Cloud Spires.

Track listing
Familiar Spirit
Little Lamplight
Cloud Spires
Black Luster

Cameron Alexander Thomson – Vocals
Jacob Gudge – Guitar
Attila Tashi – Bass
Gideon Waxman – Drums


Words Dan O’Gara