The 11-track debut album from the Indie-Quirk Folk trio from Bournemouth will transport you into a place far more pleasant than the one you began in. With their unique folk sound and use of three part harmonies, this trio have created something truly uplifting.

The use of a cajon and a violin adds a different dynamic to the group’s music and allows them to conjure up a carefree listening experience. It also contributes to the “indie-quirk folk” title that they have given as their music is unique and hard to compare. It is usually easy to see an artist’s or a band’s influences through their music, however Willowen have created their own sound and something I believe others will be influenced by in the future.

Throughout the album, their signature sound is highlighted by the three part harmonies, which are tight, and give a complete and crisp feeling to their tracks. Itís also achieved by the positive and feel-good lyrics that accompany the cheerful melodies of the violin. It also seems as if each member had an equal amount of input into the album, which I really admire. Willowen emit the impression that they just enjoy playing their music together and this allows the listener to have a well-rounded listening experience.

Jasmineís voice is extremely pleasant to listen to (most notably in ëMindmapsí) and the intonation in her voice allows for skilful storytelling. There is clearly no struggle in her upper range and the agility in her vocals creates gorgeous mini riffs that enhance her stylistic qualities.


The tracks that stuck out for me are “Monster”, “Mindmaps”, “My Life’s Mine” and “When You’re Here”. These are the most diverse songs on the album and really present the trios unique sound. I feel like the only similarities I could find are in the trio’s harmonies with another current folk group “Of Monsters and Men”. “When You’re Here”, starts off with some stylistic qualities of the Ska genre which I found rather interesting. This showed me the potential the trio has to allow themselves to be more versatile as I feel that the trio is more than capable of creating more variety in any future tracks. This could be achieved by having a few faster tempo songs, with a bit more punch vocally.

All in all, this is a fantastic debut album from the Bournemouth based trio and with their previous nominations in the Dorset Music Awards and their Band of the Week achievement from Dragon Soop, I have no doubt this band will continue to be much-loved favourite.

Line Up
Jonny Phillips – Lead Vocals & Guitar
George Fullerton – Cajon & Backing Vocals
Jasmine Watkiss – Violin & Backing Vocals

Track Listing
Right For Her
My Lifeís Mine
When Youíre Here
Hippy Vampire
So Many Tracks
Pink Sky
You Said Hush
The Night Beach


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Words by Caroline O’Mahoney
Photography by Josie Phillips

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