What we have here is some good ole metal and hard rock coming out of the big smoke. Something from a past time, but something modern, and ass kicking!

This is one of those albums that is ideal for getting ready to, just before you head out for a night of debauchery, live music, head banging, and basically a good time!

These guys are definitely turning it up to that mythical “11”, with anthemic choruses, throaty vocals, kicking drums, and some full on riffage you know this is going to be good. Not to mention a hearty swagger that allows them to carry this off. And that’s just the first track, and it continues for the album.

Quickly followed by “Down To The Bone” which kicks in with the same energy, and catchy lyrics, perhaps a little less anthemic, but a little more risqué! And some guitar work that could leave your ears bleeding if cranked up. In fact just about every track on this album keeps up the pace and attitude without being repetitive or boring.

I really enjoyed this album. It’s fast, loud, and fun. It is easy to why these guys are selling out venues, as their show must be tremendous if it follows the energy they have put into this album. I can see a few people saying that there is nothing new on this album. However, this is not the case with the final track, “Storm The Gates” which stands out from the rest, and shows something different. Turning down the energy just a notch, and showing a different side to the band.

But not everything has to be new when it has this much passion in it, and it is done so well! If they keep up this level of quality then the could be in for some good times.

The album is available from http://www.officialhornet.com/store and http://www.sedrecords.co.uk.

Line Up
Joe Thompson – Vocals
Tollef Rikje-Pearson – Guitar
Max Thompson – Bass
Alex Burt – Drums

Track Listing
Skies are falling
Down to the Bone
Second Hand Smoke
State of Emergency
Under Pressure
Bite Down
I’m Gonna Be the Man
Drive On
Sweet Lips
Rock ‘N’ Roll Riot
Storm the Gates

Up and Coming Shows
25.10.13 – The Intrepid Fox, London, UK
02.11.13 – Flairz, Hastings, UK
12.12.13 – The Borderline, London, UK


Words by Jon.

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