Jack Grace

Jack Grace is an undiscovered gem just waiting to be found and catapulted to a life of fame and fortune. His music is passionate and moving whether live on stage or on record.

He is originally from Bournemouth and studies in Kingston upon Thames which gives him the luxury of having two bases as well as two bands, giving him lots of flexibility when recording and performing. As well as performing in his own right Jack is also a session musician with the ability to play virtually any instrument which gives him a greater understanding in all areas of his music.

Jack Grace

Jack’s latest release is a 6 track EP called “Home”, a follow on from the debut EP “Left With Nothing” and the 2nd “Burnt Skies”. To say Jack’s music is atmospheric would be an understatement, as when you put on this record you are immediately given all manner of emotions and feelings. “Remember Me” opens with a sound-shaping slow build start, with Jack’s dynamic vocals giving you a sample of what’s in store. The song “406” is quite possibly one of the best pieces of music I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. It is about Jack’s cousin who was killed while on active duty in Afghanistan. As the gentle bass lines and hard hitting guitar play in the background the voice provides the listener with an insight to the pain and anger felt by this singer/songwriter. You will almost feel drained after listening to this highly emotive and passionately delivered track, in tribute to a fallen hero and loved one.

“Weeks, Months, Years” and “(The Art Of) Taking The Lot” show unique and creative songwriting with further examples of Jack’s excellent vocal range. The EP plays out with not a filler but a really big tune that equally sounds great live on stage or here on this recording. There is no holding back on this one, once again emotion is poured into this song in large amounts. The songs features some piano coupled with some expertly played creative electric guitar with huge alluring riffs. This EP is big in so many ways and I can’t say how much it has been a pleasure to be introduced to Jack Grace and his music. If this guy remains undiscovered it will be so unfair keeping this purely brilliant music from the ears of the world.

Jack Grace

Track Listing
1 – Remember Me
2 – 406
3 – Weeks Months Years
4 –
5 – (The Art of) Taking The Lot
6 – Self Destruction

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Words By Dave Chinery (Chinners).
Pictures By http://www.facebook.com/Holliehigbyphotography