The Joiners, Southampton

Burn The Fleet

One of Southampton’s best loved bands “Burn The Fleet” performed what we thought was their final gig earlier this year at the Takedown Festival-it was soon decided that this was not the decent send off that the band deserved.

At the band’s spiritual home the legendary Joiners Arms the faithful are gathered to pay homage and say goodbye to one of the best and possibly the loudest bands to ever come out of the local vicinity. The proof of this is that the venue is fully sold out with not a spare ticket to be had for anyone turning up on the night, such is their popularity. The band have specially hand-picked a trio of support bands to entertain their fans until it is their time on stage.

The 1st of these is “Three Times Over” a 4 piece Pop/Punk band also hailing from the Southampton area, they have the difficult job of warming up the crowd at this early part of the evening. They have mustered quite a few fans of their own and things start off well with songs from the debut “Self Titled” EP. The songs like “Vampires” and “My Little Liar” feature twin melodic guitars with catchy riffs, coupled with nice clean well delivered vocals. As a fairly new band at this point they do lack a bit of confidence on stage, with time though I am sure this will come. A good solid start to the evening.

Three Times Over
Three Times Over 1
Signals 12

It is time for “Signals” next and it seems that the word has spread about them, the space in front of the stage seems to fill up quite quickly as they arrive. Fronted by the pretty Ellie Price who seems to be really excited to be performing at tonight’s gig. Signals are really like nothing like you have ever heard before, they have torn up the musical rule book and started from scratch to create something really unique that could really appeal to the masses. They perform songs from their EP “Facial Furniture” that seem to put a spell on the Joiners crowd, who all seem to listen really intently. The songs have a sort of Jazzy feel with slight infusions of Funk; coupled with quirky harmonies and electronic drum beats, which altogether create a highly happy excitable listening experience. The band show plenty of excitable energy on stage, impressing all watching. Keep tabs on these as I’m sure they are destined for big things.

Blue Screen Of Death
The Blue Screen Of Death 1

The “riff monsters” that are The Blue Screen Of Death take to the stage and give everyone’s ears a full workout with a huge twin guitar dominated sound that shakes the footings of this very building. With their unapologetic self indulgent sound they spend their half an hour on stage entertaining the crowd with numbers from their “Leave The Future Behind” album, including songs such as “Do It Right”, “Let It Go” and the epic movie quoting “What Would Arnie Do”. Front man Steve George who looks like a younger version of Miles Hunt of legendary Brummie band The Wonder Stuff is full of energy and leaps around the stage with the rest of his band who seem to be all clearly enjoying what they do. With everybody more than warmed up by three quality support acts the time has come for Burn The Fleet’s Last stand.

Burn The Fleet arrive on stage to a heroes welcome with everyone in the place showing loads of love for this band whose performances and songs have really set themselves in to the hearts of anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing them perform. There is a lot of emotion in the air tonight and front man Andy Convey keeps a hold of himself by using humour to carry things along. He has shaved his usual beard off just leaving his tash. He was told earlier he looks like Ned Flanders from The Simpsons!

The band kick off and their distinctive heavy bass-led sound backed with two guitars, this echoes around the Joiners creating one beautiful noise. There are huge tunes like “The Greatest Fire” , “Nautilus”, and the epic “Cenotaph” which are sang virtually word for word by the faithful audience. The humour soon returns with a “Twerk Off”, everyone in the audience turns away from each other and when the music kicks in they all twerk, which is a provocative wiggle of your arse …..for those over 25!! This was a slightly sarcastic nod towards the bands friends the mighty Don Broco who are here in the audience tonight.

Burn The Fleet
Burn The Fleet 123

The evening goes so fast and just before the last slightly predictable song Andy tries to give a speech to thank everybody that has supported the band over the years. This does not really come out as he had planned, as all the band seem quite moved by the moment so they just get on and play the final song “Handfuls Of Sand”. When I first heard this song it just blew me away, it is such a simple and very powerful lyric which works with any audience. Tonight is no different and this Joiners crowd are in fine voice belting out the deeply emotional lines “I beat my hands against my chest and sing I’m alive” over . The band then invite some fans up on the stage which ends in a massive stage invasion with around 30 people all performing the song with the band which ends in a horrible mess. It does not really matter though. As the outro music of the Crowded House number “Don’t Dream It’s Over” is played over the P.A. the four band members are hugging everyone and fighting back the tears.

So this chapter of Burn The Fleet’s story closes as another one opens, but you cannot help think what the reunion tour in 2020 might be like!!

In This Hole Lives The Wicked King
The Greatest Fire
Black Holes
Six Sisters
Fictional Children
The River Song
Confessions Of A Justified Sinners
Handfuls Of Sand


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Words, Pictures & Videos By Dave Chinery (Chinners)
Handfuls Of Sand Video By Ellie Price (Signals)

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