Mother's Ruin

Outlandish midlanders Max Raptor have carved their names deeper and deeper into the UK rock scene over the last few years, following a largely successful release of debut release “Portraits”. Just like their first record, sophomore release “Mother’s Ruin” bleeds authentic punk induced energy and hearty grit like a mighty British bull dog on heat.

Mother's Ruin

Fusing unrelenting aggression and anthemic choruses has never sounded quite so fresh. I find myself desperate to exercise my yearning lungs, yet terrified that Max Raptor front man, Wil Ray might be out to get me, especially during the outstanding “Taming of the Shrewd” through his “in your face” vocal attack. There is an unexpected tangent in this record in the form of “Heavy Hearts” which is about as close to a ballad as this band will dare go. Luckily their bravery is rewarded, as yet another stunning chorus floods our senses with the raw emotion of triumph, whilst executing atmospheric instrumental and vocal work.

Max Raptor continue to carve their name even deeper into the UK scene through yet another outstanding effort, boasting ferocious grit and larger than life choruses, which should no doubt see them remain well loved by all who discover them. “Mother’s Ruin” is an absolute triumph throughout, with no obvious scars and a tendency to leave us begging for more.

Track Listing
Back of a Barrel Wave
Taming of the Shrewd
England Breathes
Grace and Favours…
Heavy Hearts
Must Work Harder
Mother’s Ruin

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Words by George “our man in the field” Fullerton.

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