Lost Gravity

Heading out of London with some hard rocking attitude; serious riffs and a sound that seems born of Soundgarden, you are in for a wild ride. From the opening with “What Goes Around Comes Around” you are left feeling battered and bruised; as the guitar keeps washing over you in waves, but leaves intact for the hard rocking treat that makes up the rest of the album.

“Changes” maintains that rhythm keeping your head nodding and foot tapping, although at a live show I imagine this would result in some steady headbanging. There is a nice break just after halfway though, that gives you time to catch your breath just as the guitars kick back in. Followed by “Back Where You Belong” with a distorted guitar sound and strong drum work, this track holds its own; even with its slightly relaxed tempo. It is followed by the harder hitting and slightly distorted “Back Where You Belong”.

“Alone” is the obligatory softer-come power track. This is not meant in a bad way, I like these tracks as they show a deeper side to a band than just pumping out energy and riffs-and this is no different.

Lost Gravity

“Anywhere But Home” follows on nicely with a gentle guitar opening that soon explodes, only to be pulled back under control as the vocals start. All along the vocals are nice and clean and pull you into each track as the guitars envelop you, while “Selfish” punches high with its all encompassing sound. The strong rhythm is matched well against the riffs, which reel themselves in ready for the next moment the power can be set free.

Closing the album is “Walk On” which has more of a Punk/Rock ‘n’ Roll vibe, with a more raw attitude to the vocals. As the drums crescendo up at the beginning you find yourself waiting for the vocals to kick in, and when they do the track seems to gather momentum. A perfect close to the album.

This is one hell of an eponymous debut, ticking a lot of boxes. Having warmed themselves up with 3 self-released EPs this power trio are now ready for the big stages. And this album should help them on their way. With Breno writing most of the material there is a consistency to proceedings, all underpinned by the strong guitar work and great rhythms. There is a range of influences going on here, and some tracks take on a slightly different stance. Overriding all of this though, is a slight feel of old school Rock.

“Lost Gravity” is due out on 13th October.

Line Up
Breno Val – Guitars, bass (recording), and vocals
Giulano Kolling – Drums and backing vocals
Chris K. – Bass (live)

Track Listing
What Goes Around Comes Around
Back Where You Belong
Anywhere But Home
Friendly Fire
All The Same
Venom In Vial
Walk On


Words by Jon.

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