Welcome Back Delta

Want some Blues-fuelled hard Rock? Then look no further and head over to Gloucester, as these guys have nailed it with their blues groove.

With a sound that is throwing back in time to the 70’s, but keeping it modern they have produced a masterpiece in “Shocker”. Opening with “Burning the Candles at Both Ends” you are treated to a fine introduction on what to expect from these guys. Kicking drums, solid guitar work, and vocals that crown it all off to a tee.

“Deep Bone” pounds you with the drums and guitar lick which could have been lifted from QotSA – don’t get me wrong, this is not an album of pieces stolen from other acts, but an album that oozes original whiskey fuelled Rock ‘n’ Roll. Besides, what’s not to like when am album has a track titled “Rise Of Shabu Shabu”, an instrumental whose guitar work had me thinking of Satriani in places – not to mention what is a Shabu Shabu?

Welcome Back Delta

Things slow up for “Dropping Like Flies” while “Scimiter” has a funky baseline that just grabs you with its overlaid but bare guitar work, keeping it simple. Then “Revelators” ups the ante as hard rock attitude flows from the speakers with its hooks and rhythm; just easing up in the middle, possibly for reflection but time for you to catch your breath as the pressure slowly builds back up. “Twist Of Fate” has a lounge act feel to it, thanks to the deep dirty bass, a description that soon evaporates as the vocals kick in in their dirty laid back funk. Whereas “Spinal Injury” closes the album with a punch with its harder edged sound.

In short this album rocks! Their groove is not only infectious; from the guitar riffs, pounding rhythm and storming vocals, it is well crafted. These guys are destined to be big. They have an

E.P “Growler” & Album “Shocker” is available from iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and many more

Line Up
Joe Kelly – Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Rob Duncan- Lead Guitar
Phil Davies- Bass
Steve Robers- Drums

Track Listing
Burning the Candle at Both Ends
Concrete Donkey
Deep bone
Rise of the Shabu Shabu
Dropping Like Flies
Cadillac Tank
Running Guns
Twist Of Fate
Spinal Injury

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Words by Jon.

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