All The Best tapes

Stoke-on-Trent noiseniks All The Best Tapes open this 4 track collection with a number called “Le Fingers”. It’s an explosive start with a shouty hardcore vocal which switches to the more melodic.

It’s a tad predictable (to this reviewer) of bands of this genre but I persevere. The song softens in places with a decent middle 8, followed by an unusual slowdown at the end with an atmospheric sample which is interesting. However, where they get the working title “Le Fingers” from is anyone’s guess! “Seven Pairs” begins with more ferocity and a largely unintelligable vocal. Then again, isn’t that the point.

All The Best tapes

It’s far too short a song and seems like filler to me. “Levantame” has a much cleaner, clearer intro with some clever chord changes. Power does return however with some melodic, chiming guitars in the middle 8, the drums however are the over-riding feature. The ‘tortured wailing’ at the end I feel is just unnecessary. The E.P. closes with “The Gnar”, with its full-on drum solo before launching into a barely audible vocal. Chord changes a plenty here over the hard, harsh vocal. More chord changes in the middle 8 and an “almost” spoken word section at the end makes this song so incredibly different from everything else on here. Yes, it’s obviously a sample culled from somewhere, but it does work. I feel ATBT clearly enjoy the live arena where their output would be most appreciated-hard, fast and loud.

Line Up
M. K. Barker: Vocals & Electric Guitar Chords.
Dan Beardmore: Drum Kit, Extra Percussion & Backing Vocal.
Lukey Medz: Electric Guitar Melody, Vocals, Signal Alteration, Oscillation & Resampling.
Tom Knott: Rum & Bass.

Le Fingers
Seven Pairs of Scissors
The Gnar


Words By Ross A Ferrone.

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