Minor Characters

I confess I am someone who finds it difficult to deal with major changes in bands. Minor Characters started out including two major players in the local music scene, Ed Pope and Angus Rudd. After reviewing their debut album and seeing a few live shows, I was honestly in awe of every performance as they had something really special going on.

Sadly this was only a temporary measure due to the logistics of further education. Founder members Martin Ruddock and Paul “Dixie” Harley’ drafted in further top quality local musicians Joe Browning on Guitars and Albert Dyba (Paint It Blue) on bass to give the band a new more heavier feel. The band’s new four track EP “The Building Next To The Global Headquarters” still has the 60’s psychedelic influences with a totally retro feel. The EP was recorded in June/July 2013 at The Burrow Studio in Bournemouth where the band put down the tracks with all four of them playing completely live.

Minor Characters

According to front man Martin “the Inspirations for the EP included 70s Doctor Who, Electric Light Orchestra, Paul Mauriat’s Eurovision hit Love is Blue (L’armour est Bleu), SF Sorrow and the Electric Banana recordings by The Pretty Things a 60’s British psychedelic band”. In a contrast to the psychedelic 1960’s the bands drug of choice is purely caffeine they ingest from drinking large amounts of coffee during their recording sessions.

The opening number “Chap With Wings” opens with some mouth watering duel guitars that keep giving and giving. All the way through the track Martin’s more than competent vocals weave in and out of the guitars binding everything together, coupled with a very impressive solid rhythm section. “Baby I’m Ill” is a completely different animal from the last and it shows Minor Characters continuing to experiment with their ever evolving sound. The initial nostalgic echo to the vocals gives way to yet more impressive catchy guitar work. “Get My Coat” is a positive; happy little ditty that drives along with a nice cheery sound, before turning on it’s head with a slightly darker more sinister ending. The final track “The Transfer Window” is possibly my favourite of the collection with a pure, jangly guitar sound that takes it’s influence from 1960’s bands such as The Byrds, The Zombies and of course The Beatles.

This EP continues to impress from all angles, the more you listen the more you hear. It has not been just thrown together but really well crafted to give the listener a great audible experience. These guys despite the recent line up changes seem to have bonded together really well and are still more than able to produce some really impressive work in the studio, and also on the live stage.

Line Up
Martin Ruddock (Lead vocals, Backing vocals, Six and Twelve String Guitars, & Keyboards)
Joe Browning (Guitars, Backing Vocals)
Paul “Dixie” Harley (Drums, Percussion, Gong & (Backing Vocals)
Albert Dyba (Bass)

Chap With Wings
Baby I’m Ill
Get My Coat
The Transfer Window

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Words By Dave Chinery (Chinners).

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