Are you ready for this? Are you sure?

These guys seems to be playing all over the place, but just outside of “Rock Regens” doorstep with their own brand of earthquake inducing hard Rock. Lets press play…

Some heavy hitting lowdown Rock catches you, and hits you hard. From the opening title track “Faithless”, you are pounded by the drums and riffs. The initial thought is that you have good “old skool” hard rock. But there is more to it than simply old skool, and this becomes apparent as the vocals for “Lost In Me” hit you. They possess a rough edge when pushed, but this just adds to the riff-laden backdrop.


Things take a change with “Keeping It Close”, Oh no, that was just the intro, my ears are pounded back into submission! Joking aside, things ease up slightly as Andy belts out the verses. The heavy drums are there, and the guitars are ever present, but things are just turned down a notch in the heavy stakes.

Closing proceedings is “Born To Die” a slightly slower track that crescendos and hits those sweet spots, while the guitars switch from screeching to some mighty riffage. A fitting close to this EP.

I always thought Wiltshire was quiet, I was wrong! I could wax lyrical, but lets keep it simple; These guys have nailed it.

The EP is available form their Bandcamp page and iTunes page.

Line Up
Andy Mitchell – Vocals
Mitch Underwood – Guitar
Elmo Jones – Bass
Chris Constable – Drums

Lost In Me
Keeping It Close
Born To Die


Words and Earache by Jon.

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