Sunstone Collective

It always amazes me to discover newly invented genres and with the recently formed band “Sunstone Collective” we have discovered another.

This time it is another influenced by Dorset’s beautiful surroundings….I give you “Beach Funk”. The band first got together in April 2013 and performed a number of local gigs, including their EP launch at The Winchester. Their aim is to not only make some original ground breaking music, but to also collaborate with other musicians, film makers, animators, artists and anyone with a creative background to bring something refreshingly new to the art of performance.

Sunstone Collective

The band released their 5 track self titled debut E.P. in September which fuses together a unique collection of Funk and modern Jazz grooves with modern Rock music sounding somewhere between Jamiroquai and Finlay Quaye. They are laying down some great ground work in preparation for taking 2014 by storm. It would not be a bad idea to keep a close eye on these, they could well be your new favourite band. Sunstone Collective would be well suited to playing big open air Summer festivals such are their smooth grooves and pulsating vibes. Check them out in a venue near you very soon.

Line Up
Sam Wyatt – Lead Vocals and Guitar
Ben Jones – Bass and Vocals
Duncan Petrus – Guitar and Vocals
Jamie Smith – Drums
James “Djembe” Goff – Percussion
Leo Polchar – Cello

Only Notions
Lilico Paradise

The EP can be purchased through the following outlets:

Seven Digital
E Music


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Words By Dave “Hawaiin T-Shirt” Chinery (Chinners)