Bournemouth International Centre

It’s hard to believe that Whitesnake was founded in 1978, when David Coverdale decided to put together a Hard Rock Blues band after his previous outfit Deep Purple split up! New album Nevermore has been lauded by rock critics the world over, gathering solid reviews and chart success. That they are still relevant and producing quality music thirty odd years later is testament to Mr Coverdale’s drive and work ethic!

The support tonight is a class act in itself. The Union, featuring guitarist Luke Morley of Thunder fame and singer/songwriter Pete Shoulder, kick off the show in style. Their classic blues rock has the crowd jumping and they prove to be an excellent appetizer for the main event.


As the lights go on, the band hit the stage running, with David Coverdale’s commanding presence dominating proceedings. Sixty years old and putting blokes half his age to shame! Granted he can’t hit some of the same high notes that he did in his younger days and the set list is geared up for the new album rather than the old classics, but this is a rock show honed to perfection. Using all his experience he soon has the crowd eating from his hand, classic sing-a-longs and fist-in-the air anthems sound out around the BIC’s arena. Mid set he calls out to an old friend from his secondary school days and has a nice little chat with him…class! At the end of the set the old classics get an airing and everyone goes home happy!

The last time I saw the ‘Snake was in 1990 at Donington Monsters Of Rock (which has just been released as a CD/DVD package coincidentally) and I’m glad to say that with bands like this still upping their game twenty years later, rock will never die!

0. Intro My Generation 
1. Best Years 
2. Give Me All Your Love 
3. Love Ain’t No Stranger 
4. Is This Love 
5. Steal Your Heart Away 
6. Forevermore 
7. Love Will Set You Free 
8. Guitar Duel 
9. My Evil Ways 
10. Drum Solo 
11. Fare Thee Well 
12. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City (Bobby “Blue” Band cover)
13. Fool For Your Lovin’ 
14. Here I Go Again 

1. Still Of The Night 
2. Soldier of Fortune (Deep Purple cover)
3. Outro: We Wish You Well 


Words and Pictures by Dan O’Gara