Glasgow based Lifelines have been established and melting metal faces since 2012.

Their offering, the mysteriously named “In Presents Wake” was released in November 2013 and is a full-on metal fist in the face; six shouty, brutal tracks that are best played at full volume.

The name of the first track, “Sub-Citizen”, should have warned me of what was to come. Heavy on the cymbals, the screaming vocals dominate everything else. I can well imagine what will happen if this is played in a packed club on a weekend – absolute carnage.

Second song “Limitless” starts off an innocent enough way, with a light, pop rock sort of sound, but then the vocals kick in, as does a manic guitar riff and we’re firmly back in hardcore metal territory. It’s definitely a grower, this one – once I listened to it a few times, I got quite into it.

Third track “Protagonist” is a vicious, blistering effort; however fourth track ‘Better Left Unsaid’ starts in a somewhat slower fashion but then continues at the same breakneck pace. “Undertow” comes next and it has a great guitar and drum intro. It also features some actual singing, as opposed to screaming and the song is, for me, the standout track on the EP, with some great guitar coming in near the end. In fact, I’m surprised there aren’t more guitar solos across these songs, the style of music lends itself to the opportunity for some wild riffs that never quite come to fruition.

Final track ‘Silver Screen Synthetic’ romps through more of the same style and is a full-on, bruising assault on the ears.

I found it difficult to decipher the lyrics on some of the tracks, but all six songs are tight musically, with some well-orchestrated time signature changes in evidence. Lifelines will appeal to fans of a heavier style of music as it’s brutal, hardcore metal. Not particularly my cup of tea, but even I can see that it will be popular with hardcore fans – they have 780 likes on Facebook so they’re well on the way already!


Lifelines’ music has been played by Alex Baker on Kerrang! Radio and also the band also feature in the Hard Rock Café’s “Hard Rock Rising – Global Battle of the Bands 2014” competition. They’re playing Studio 24 in Edinburgh on 22nd March, so if you like it hard, heavy and loud, check them out. Their music is available through Bandcamp and Reverbnation.

Better Left unsaid
Silver Screen Synthetic


Words by Vikkie.

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