Coming this March is “The Woman” EP by Pylo.

4 tracks of wonderfully understated and powerful rock. Pylo seem to be harking back to a more simple time, stripping back the layers and producing something truly touching. This 5 piece from Bath only formed a couple of years back, but have found a sound and attitude, and are making it work for them.


Opening with “Simple Souls” they give you a taste of things to come, paving the way for “Climbing Through The Sun” which ups the tempo and power, but nonetheless stays reserved, or anther composed. Layering the guitars, and with a slightly heavier sound, the track builds upon “Simple Souls”, although strips everything back as closes with the gentle rhythm of a tambourine. Next up is “Young”, possibly the strongest track on the EP, with a sound not to dissimilar to an early U2. Closing with “Woman” there is no doubt that these guys have got it together. Again, the stripped back feel, the honesty shows through, and you cannot help but get involved in the lyrics, and carried by the music.

These guys set out to write compelling and original music, and this they have achieved with apparent ease.

It will be available through iTunes, GooglePlay, and Naim Edge Records.

Line Up
Matthew Aldus
James Scott
Richard Gully
Max Blunos
Johan Jorgensen
Rhys Friery.

Track Listing
Simple Souls
Climbing Through The Sun


Words by Jon.

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