Dirtbox Disco

When DBD’s 3rd LP offering hit the desk of Rock Regeneration towers there was only one reviewer who was going to get the job!

“Bloonz” – the difficult 3rd album, or just another offering from this prolific Burton-on-Trent quintet? I have to say with brutal honesty, after 3 listens it hasn’t blown me away with the emergency I felt about debut LP “Legends”. Anyway, here goes!

Opener “Standing In A Queue” has all the subtleties of seeing someone one fancies “in a queue” no less. That feeling of nervousness; not knowing what to say or do, played out in song. The big 80’s-inspired Rock guitars appear early on, complimented by a frenetic drumbeat and that trademark humourous DBD lyrical content. A decent opener at least. “We Are The Rejects” with its buzzsaw guitar intro echoes hints of “Legends”. A heartfelt and honest stab at themselves or anyone who would consider themselves an outsider; a reject even, (myself included)! That noodly middle 8 once again rears its head and stays til’ the end. “Rewind and Eject” takes a slight hint of the Pistols “Liar” in the intro, then uses the wonderful world of “taping” as a metaphor for real life-a love song in everything but name! “Bullshit” begins with its 80’s hair metal guitar intro, before the woah, woah, woahs come in. It’s a song we can all relate to-everyone knows a bullshitter! It ends virtually as it starts with those guitars.

“King of the Castle” is a fast-paced, simple song that wont win any awards for lyricism, but chugs along at lightning speed. Some great bass to accompany those 80’s guitars again here. Wholesome drumming throughout and a determination to not “want to grow up” is the staple of the chorus. “9 Lives” is a strange title, considering the lyrical content. However, it has one of the better intro’s on here. Great drums and guitars throughout and a simple beat runs through it. “Welcome To Hell” takes the pace up a notch. A big bass and guitar intro, accompany some frenetic hitting on a song which reminds us of what DBD do best. “Welcome To Hell I hope you like it here, Welcome To Hell I hope you stay” – need we say more! “I Swapped My Brain” begins with the woah, woah, woahs and the “comedic” lyrics continue. “I Swapped My Brain, with someone, insane”. It’s a short number but no less enjoyable and one could imagine a live favourite.

Dirtbox Disco

“Supreme and Gobshite” begins with a clangy guitar before the Lemmy-esque vocal delivery kicks in with power. It’s shouty in places and returns more to their Punkier leanings of old. The “siren” – sounding guitars are the main feature of the song and it’s another belter. ‘She Goes Out’ carries on in the ‘Speed/Punk’ vein with an ode to a partners “Going Out”! Whether the song is a celebration or a dig at the Mrs going out is anyone’s guess! More “woah’s” again in the intro here with some pacey drumming. That big noodly middle 8 returns again, but overall the song doesn’t disappoint. “Golden Frame” continues the faster songs on here with a reflective “love song”. It’s a strange beast but again wont disappoint the diehards. “We’re Going Out Tonight” has echoes of “Smackhead” from Legends, and is the perfect ending to this “mixed” collection. It’s the fastest and best track on here, celebrating; yes you guessed it, “Going Out Tonight”. Whether a call to arms or just a suggestion it hits the spot. Proper old skool Punk guitars and power all round. Definitely one for the live shows.

Dirtbox Disco

For the diehards this LP is a slow burner that will no doubt take a few listens. While it would have been easy to just do another ‘Legends’ DBD continue to push the boundaries. As a band they are nothing less than prolific and if this is the way forward then so be it. For this reviewer the album gets stronger towards the latter tracks but it’s up to you, the listeners to decide.

Standing In A Queue
We Are The Rejects
Rewind and Eject
King Of The Castle
9 Lives
Welcome To Hell
I Swapped My Brain
Supreme and Gobshite
She Goes Out
Golden Frame
We’re Going Out Tonight


Review by Ross A. Ferrone

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