Midway Still

If in the 90’s you were fans of bands such as Mega City Four, Neds Atomic Dustbin and Senseless Things you cannot have failed to come across Midway Still. After only performing 8 gigs the band were subject of plenty of record company interest after a favourable review in Melody Maker, they finally signed to Fire Records subsidiary Roughneck. The band set off on huge tours in Europe with Therapy, Mega City Four, Leatherface and Snuff to name but a few.

The band have released two albums “Dial Square” in 1992 and “Life’s Too Long” in 1993 along with some highly acclaimed singles including possibly their most well known “Better Than Before”. The band sadly split before they had the chance of recording their third album. After the very sad sudden death of “Wiz” the of lead singer of Mega City Four the band were invited to reform and play at the “4 for Wiz” gig at Islington Academy in London with Carter USM, Neds Atomic Dustbin and The Senseless Things, this led to band finally recording their third album “Note To Self”. After this new lease of life the band were inspired to continue and in June 2012 the band release a band new 11 track album called “Always Ends” along with an extensive live tour.

Midway Still

“Always End’s” continues Midway Still’s tradition of well written catchy songs combining with simple but effective guitar effects that really hit the mark. In this day and age of massive experimentation, you have to give it to Midway Still for sticking to the same ingredients that have proved successful in the past, the songs are extremely easy to listen to and really get under your skin after just a through runs through. Paul Thompson’s unmistakable vocals shine through on great tracks such a “Left Behind” and the rockingly powerful “Cash Cow”.

One of the stand out tracks “Seeing Red” opens with a stunning metalesque guitar that continues with a delightful chorus “I’m going out of my mind I’m going out of my head, I’m going out with a bang cos I’m just seeing red”, a quality song that show that Midway Still have got what it takes to entertain in a big way. The album closes with an impressive bonus, a reworked version of the Electric Light Orchestra’s “Mr Blue Sky”. Midway Still are one of the most underrated bands of the 90’s and deserved to get much further than they did, this return to form could just bring their music to a whole new audience that will appreciate just what a great sound they make.

Midway Still

Something And Nothing
This Is How It Ends
No Guarantees
Left Behind
Miss You
Cash Cow
This Time
Seeing Red
It’s Easy
Sky So Sunny
Mr Blue Sky

Band Personnel
Paul Thomson(Vocals/Guitar)
Russell Lee(Bass)
Declan Kelly(Drums).


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Words By Dave Chinery (Chinners).

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