Hope FM Studio, Bournemouth

The Remnants

The Remnants are a new band that have got together after previous projects had not worked out how the members had hoped. The four piece were brought together through their mutual love of the Sixties music scene taking in the fashion and of course the music. The band self confess their enormous love for The Beatles and this shows in their music with lots of obvious influences. In their short time together they have already played a few high profile gigs supporting The Lambretta’s in Northampton as well as a gig at the prestigious Dublin Castle in London. The four piece are backed by the local TRNS (Transmission) records planning to record and release their debut EP shortly.

The Remnants

They arrived in the Hope FM studio as just a three piece as bassist Lewis Mayo was on holiday. It was just a simple set up with two acoustic guitars for Laur and Pete with Rhys tapping out the rhythm. This is a format that the band are not really used to as they normally have a full electric set up at their gigs. Taking the band out of their comfort zone though made for a very interesting show and the band performed three songs which I’m sure delighted all who listened. The Remnants have plenty of interesting challenges ahead of them in the future and it will be great to keep an eye on their progress. The exclusive videos of their performance can be seen below.

Line Up
Rhys Masters – Drummer
Laura Fricker – Lead Guitarist
Lewis Mayo – Bassist / Vocals
Pete Hall – Rhythm Guitarist / Vocals


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Words, Videos and Pictures by Dave Chinery (Chinners)

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