Where to start? As the eponymous first track explodes, there is no question where this is heading. The energy is infectious, the Punk Rock attitude is venomous, and screaming for you to listen. Closely followed by “#Fine”, a catchy little number that is far from family friendly – in fact this whole album is dark and raw-ideal for getting the heartbeat pumping and letting loose in the pit. “Axewound” is cynical and raw with attitude, in fact a track that is almost scary if only for its unrelenting directness.


Throughout the album everything hangs to together perfectly. From the opening “Neurotica”, everything slows down entirely. Normally you might call this the power-ballad of the album. I always think these slower tracks serve to show that the band can sing, play and are versatile. In this instance, it almost serves to be an alter ego, as the piano gently plays. I could imagine Drag producing a whole album in this style – “Welcome To My Nightmare” anyone? It is as if you have broken through the harsh exterior to find the softer child hiding within. Yet without the brutalness surrounding it, it would not carry as much gravitas.

This gentle feel is soon dispelled as “Shock & Bad Taste”, pulling you back into Drags reality with its persistent bass line. While “Wet” has a more Rock ‘n’ Roll energy, and the fast vocal delivery is spot on.

Closing the album is “Dead Zebra” starting with a slower guitar line. You can’t help but think they are holding back – then it happens! The chorus explodes right in your face and rips your ears off! And whilst you are reeling form that, everything returns to a reality sane stance until the next chorus continues to pummel you. What an ending to the album – although on first listen, you will wonder what just happened!


Described as being born out of the love for 90’s ‘riot grrl’ era and a DIY ethic, this seems to be selling them short. There is a highly polished rawness to their attitude, and they do not pull any punches. And if this is DIY then they have managed to layer in a lot of elements superbly, there is more to this than the initial anarchic onslaught. Plus Heather’s vocals are rather addictive, and range from venomous to almost an understated hurting – all of which perfectly suits the subject matter. The album was funded by a Kickstater campaign, and it is easy to see they spent the money well-the album does them well.

Fancy something a little dark and angry – then this is for you!

Available from the 28th July.

Line Up
Heather – vocals
Velma – guitar
Matt – bass
Andy – drums

Track Listing
# Fine
The Ugly
Dandy Boy
Shock & Bad Taste
Hell 7 (American Mary)
Debra Zebra


Words by Jon.

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