King Goat

This is the Brighton five piece’s second EP release and it’s an epic slice of modern progressive Doom. Having formed in 2012 their first offering was called Atom and after a change in vocalist this self-titled effort is a mere hint of things to come for this band in my opinion.

Opening with a very Eastern feel to it, The Final Decline builds slowly lulling the listener into a false sense of security then delivering wave after wave of crashing riffs that reach a tumultuous crescendo leaving you feeling drained but with big smile plastered across your mug. A 70’s Prog influence is most prevalent on this track but it still has a strong modern Rock feel to it.

Next up is Cult Obscene, a more traditional slice of Doom, with a very Candlemass type of vibe to it with a pinch of…dare I say it, early Slayer. Here we have some heavy hitting guitar licks and full-on riffs that smack you upside the head like a seasoned streetfigher.

King Goat

The opening riff of EP closer Melian’s Trance has still more Candlemass meets Slayer going on but in a good way! It manages to hook you in and although it’s the shortest track on the EP (6 mins), it is probably the catchiest. Vocals wail, the guitars chug out Doomy riffs and itís hard not to lose yourself in the excellent production on the album.

A mention also to the awesome artwork on the cover drawn by Brigton based Tattooist Yliana Paolini-great skills.

Watch this space as these guys have been popping up on Southern Doom Crews radar and Iíve heard they are a band to watch out for live. If you’re going to Bloodstock check ’em out on the New Blood Stage on the Sunday.

Line Up
Vocals – Trim
Lead Guitar – Petros
Rhythm Guitar – Joe
Bass – Reza
Drums – Jon

Track listing
The Final Decline
Cult Obscene
Melian’s Trance


Words: Dan O’Gara

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