Generation Graveyard

Quite often in reviews you see comments about an EP being great but the 3 or 4 tracks were not enough, where is the album? Well you do round here anyway! So this makes a change as there are 5 tracks, plus a remix.

Trying to level London with their hard hitting Punk/Metal Generation Graveyard are pulling no punches as they try to destroy your speakers!

The EP contains an energy that is set to level your neighbourhood blending Hardcore, old school Rock ‘n’ Roll, Black Metal and a vocal delivery that bites. All of which is present in the opening “Abominate/Desolate”, while “Human Hive” ups the ante not only with its machine-gun drumming, but also the brief ear shredding noodling and fury at what I can only consider to be aggression towards London Life.

“The Empty” has more discernible melody amidst the chaos and is a standout track, not only because of the melody but the almost metronome-like drumming which punctuates the fairly bouncy guitar and bassline. Chaos and utter audio destruction returns with “Deletist”; with the energy of Fear Factory, but far less electronics (no electronics?). It is the shortest track on the album, weighing in at almost half the length of the others; it certainly packs it all into a tiny package.

Generation Graveyard

Closing the EP is the title track. Okay, we got an extra remix after this; but I am not including that here (but it is rather good!). Probably not being possible to maintain the level of carnage brought by “Deletist” this track is slightly slower, albeit the longest on the EP; with a storming guitar break in the latter half of the track this is how a title track should sound.

“Lonewolves” is a storming debut, and these noise-mongers are not just carving out their niche, but chopping large chunks out of it. Having shared the stage with big names, these guys have a tight sound that deserves to push them further.

The EP is set for release on the 27th July.

Line Up
Max – vocals
Pete – guitar
Arno – guitar
Phil – bass
Jonny – drums

Track Listing
Human Hive
The Empty
Human Hive [Stereo juggernaut remix]


Words by Jon.

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