Sulu Babylon

In June Sulu Babylon released their new EP and it is a surprising little number!

Opening up with some gentle guitar work and relaxed drumming, you get the feel of a nice summer tune-especially as the vocals start to wash over you. This misleads you into thinking that this is a pop rock offering for the summer, and “See It In Colour” does this perfectly, even when the tempo and rhythm pick up and the guitar work carries on – before you know it your foot is tapping, and your head is nodding away as the guitars kick in.

“Free” follows in the same vein; managing to maintain a light feel, as well as keeping the tempo going. While “Children of Sailors” ups the tempo and energy further, interspersing it with a few breaks that are a little less chaotic and crescendoing nicely at the end.

Sulu Babylon

Things really get going with the second half of the EP, “Liar” has a fuller sound and I cannot put my finger on why – it just feels like it has a little more oomph! (technical term). While, “This Is How” takes on a heavy vibe, the guitar seems more assertive and the rhythm is solid from the outset while the vocal seems almost aggressive.

Closing with “Save Our Souls”; just as fast and frenetic, a little easier going and ideal live crowd pleaser. Possibly for this listener the best track on the EP. The vocals sit on top of the drums and guitars perfectly.

The EP seems to be in two halves with the second half having more attitude and presence, whilst retaining the sound that started the EP. The first couple of times I listened to the EP I did not get that far with it. But after that; listening to all of it, it just grows on you.

Line Up
Ryan Johnson
Phil Killingsworth
Corey Jones
Jak Petch

Track Listing
See It In Colour
Children Of Sailors
This Is How
Save Our Souls


Words by Jon “Department Of Late Reviews”.

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