Rebellion 2014

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After a well earned lie-in I skip breakfast and head straight for the Festival once more. I make it to the Pavilion in time to catch “The Morgellions” with their clangy, Post/Punk sound and Pete Shelley-esque vocals. “The Drawback” is a bass-heavy highlight of their set before I head to the Casbah for the interestingly dressed “Dementias”. They deliver a simple Punk sound with a “direct” vocal. That vocal however sounds out of tune on “Youth” so I go to the Arena to catch “City Saints”. The 4 piece deliver a great big wall of sound amidst their old skool Punk music and we’re treated to a decent cover of Sham 69’s “Borstal Breakout”.

Brains All Gone
Brains All Gone 12

Next up on this stage are the strangely monikered “Brains All Gone”; a pretty, all girl 3 piece who deliver “happy go lucky” bouncy Punk ditties. Their set seems rather short so they are invited to do 1 more and duly oblige. “Retarded” is a highlight which they are anything but-they simply make us smile!

An early lunch is taken so we don’t miss 2 bands from down South. First up are Hampshire stalwarts “Night of Treason” who quite simply deliver. Playing the best songs from their “Gentlemen and Hooligans” LP, they go down a storm in front of a decent sized Casbah crowd. “My Town” and “Speed and Glue” are just 2 highlights from an otherwise note perfect set. How Bournemouth 4 piece “Self Abuse” are supposed to follow that is anyone’s guess; but they manage to, just! They too give a great performance, however; many punters have left and they sadly play to a rather sparse Casbah. They preview some new material alongside older classics including “Soldier” and the equally brilliant “State of Mind”. Their set is one of speed, power and energy and new song ”Screenage” is a highlight.

I go to the Arena to catch another old skool Punk 4 piece called “Razors” from London. The singer reminds me of a punk Ted Danson! The vocals are Dickies-esque and the overall sound is huge with some heavy drumming. They do a great cover of Bowie’s “Heroes” and I stay til’ the end before heading to the Pavilion to catch the Notsensibles. Their songs are a strange mix and I’m reminded slightly of the Inspiral Carpets!

Back to the Arena we catch “In Evil Hour”. This girl-fronted 4 piece take us through a ferocious set of very fast and loud songs-there’s nowt slow here! It’s then back to the Casbah to catch “Obsessive Compulsive”. This Manc 4 piece have a vocalist with a voice like Grog from Goth/Rockers Die So Fluid. She’s energetic and covers every inch of the stage while the band produce a heavy snare-driven wall of sound.

Obsessive Compulsive
Obsessive Compulsive 1234

It’s back to the Pavilion for one hit wonders “Department S”. With a new singer they present themselves as a very smart band visually and their sound is altogether very clean and polished. “Slaves” takes the main riff from Electric 6’s “Gay Bar” but this is the only highlight. They absolutely murder their finest song “Is Vic There”. If Vaughn Toulouse could hear this he’d be turning in his grave!

Department S
Department S 1234

I head to the Bizarre Bazaar for the first time today to catch 4 young Brighton upstarts called “Skurvi”. Being on this stage is quite a departure from last years appearance, having been 1st on in the “car park”! Jimmy Skurvi (vox) is energetic from the outset and I feel he needs a bigger stage as he covers every inch. They delight with their singalong anthems including the rabble rousing “Brits on Holiday”. Singalongs are encouraged and we duly oblige.

Skurvi 1234567

It’s then back to the Empress for “TV Smith and the Bored Teenagers”. The first half of the set reminds me of Horror/Punk (a’la The Misfits)! It’s loud, even at the back where I’m stood but the 2nd half of the set is different as more of the well known songs are aired. “Gary Gilmore’s Eyes” gets a big cheer as they end on a high. With an hour to spare we have a quick dinner then return to the Bazaar.

Next up are interestingly monikered “The Pukes”. This ever evolving 23 piece ukelele band will steal the show at any event and once again they turn in a blinder. Having waited patiently for their drummer; who is just finishing her set with the Ramonas on another stage, they launch into their varied set of Punk covers and originals. The Exploited medley is always a highlight-who can possibly fail to enjoy shouting “Sex and Violence” in unison with the band!! Crowd participation is encouraged and following an earlier afternoon “uke workshop” they are joined onstage by their “pupils”! I count at least 40 onstage now and it’s great to see such a large volume of people having so much fun.

The Pukes
The Pukes 1234

Catching my breath I head back to the Arena for “The Ejected”. I’m surprised by the bass-heavy wall of sound which I didn’t expect. “Dead Man Walking” is a highlight but like many around me I’m here to see them do “Have You Got 10p?”. We all join in as it goes down a storm.

The Ejected
The Ejected 1

After that I go next door to the Empress to see “Slaughter and The Dogs”. I enjoy “Boston Babies” and “Where Have All The Bootboys Gone”, but that aside I found it all a tad self-indulgent. Lou Reeds “Waiting For The Man” somewhat pulls it back but I don’t stick around. Instead I get a drink and ready myself for “Anti Pasti”.

Slaughter and the Dogs
Slaughter and the Dogs 

About 20 minutes before Anti Pasti take to the stage a punter tells me the band have a new singer. Step forward “Gez Addictive” from Ska/Punk/Thrash/Rocksteady sextet “Addictive Philosophy” no less. At this point I don’t know what to expect. The vocals are completely different from original singer Martin Roper’s but the music still sounds great. I stay for 30 minutes before returning to the Empress to catch headliners Stiff Little Fingers. They are playing to a packed room and don’t look out of place. It’s a best-of set and Jake (Burns) takes time to remember Joe Strummer with “Strummerville”, which is one of many highlights. The reaction to “Wasted Life”, “Suspect Device” and “Alternative Ulster” however shows just how SLF are still held in such high esteem. They simply nail the headliner slot.

(Check out Part 1 and Part 3, and Part 4)

Words and piccies by Ross.