Wonk Unit

That prolific London Punk band are at it again – Wonk Unit are back with another clutch of songs for us to dissect. Don’t be put off by the title though, it is anything but terrifying. Well, it wouldn’t be Wonk Unit without a humorous intro track. “Day Job Wanker”, an ode to the drudgery of the workplace – replete with an avalanche of cussing! Big-hitting, chunky guitars and a blunt yet direct vocal, the perfect start. “Christmas In A Crack House” – now where do we go with this one? A true story or a wonderful work of fiction? The fact that Alex (vox) name check’s a fellow band member would suggest it’s the former. Either way it’s a Christmas song by default – just don’t expect to hear it on daytime radio.

“Flummoxed More Than Jealous” and again I’m scratching my head for clues. Is it a love song? Is it jealousy? Who knows? Anyway; it veers from slow to fast, back to slow – you get the picture. Morphing straight into “Ride It Out” with its slight Ska beat, before returning to their more fast and furious sound. Alex’s London drawl switches throughout and it’s layer upon layer. Definitely a song for the live arena inducing many a mosh pit no doubt. I’m briefly reminded of “Go Easy” in tempo but that’s where the similarities end. The Burundi beat mid-song is an interesting addition to the clangy guitars and once that power is maintained it continues right through to the sharp ending.

On “Thankyou” there’s another brief diversion into a Ska/Reggae beat and a recognition of one’s surroundings. It’s a chill song for sun-kissed afternoons, sat around drinking and taking life easy. There’s even a namecheck of a fellow London band for good measure. “Hope” reminds me of early Blur – heavy guitars and a strange lyrical content including drugs and babies!

Wonk Unit

“As The Rest Of The World Sleeps” has a fast-paced pure Punk sound. Rat-a-tat drumming matched to chunky guitar and bass. Layered vocals throughout, delivered in an angry fashion only really mellows toward the end. By complete contrast “My New Safe Place” is a much gentler affair, poppy even. Lo-fi Indie to the core, it’s a breezy Summery little number. Written one imagines to a loved one, it is sugary sweet yet tongue-in-cheek.

“Judas Betrayers” begins with furious guitars and drumming, matched to Alex’s harsh vocal. “Gonna change the World” seems to be the overriding theme here. Political and in yer face amid the clanging guitars and furious beat. “Faith” is slightly less powerful but lyrically once again I’m lost. There’s some curious piano parts which pop up every now and then. “You’re wearing sunglasses indoors and you look like an Idiot” I for one would love to know the origin or influence.

“She knows it” is a powerful number. Chunky bass and guitars, matched to an aggressive vocal which is full of spite and anger. Written about women (or one woman maybe)? And finally, ‘Me and Curtis’ is quite simply “Christmas In A Crack House” reprised into the perfect Punk song. Much nearer to the complete Wonk sound, we are all so familiar with.

On “Terror” the band continue to display a range of styles. It’s like an album of two halves – some slow tracks and some fast. And while I don’t think it’s their finest hour they continue to push the boundaries of what is Punk in 2018. The whole DIY Punk ethic has served them well and I don’t see that changing in a hurry; and while they may be ignored by major mainstream labels, Wonk Unit will always thrive as the underdogs.

Wonk Unit

Track Listing
Day Job Wanker
Christmas in a Crack House
Flummoxed More Than Jealous
Ride it Out
Thank You
As the Rest of the World Sleeps
My New Safe Place
Judus Betrayers
She Knows It
Me and Curtis

Band Members
Daddy Wonk – Vocals
Tom Wednesday – Drums
Pwosion – Bass
Kenny – Guitar
Simon Short – Keys
Gemma – Cello



Review by Ross A. Ferrone.

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