The Ligaments

London 3 piece Ligaments have a new E.P. out, interestingly entitled the ‘Eat Pizza’ E.P. They might love eating pizza but that influence stops right there.

The E.P. opens with “Precinct 13”. The clangy guitar opening and fast-paced drumming is matched by an equally fast vocal delivery. What sets the Ligaments apart from the crowd however is the double bass-expertly played by “Nitro”. The anthemic “shouts” on this opening track work well also making it a great opener. The rather simply titled “4th” is more of the same. The vocals once again are great with some ‘crunchy’ picking from Nitro. The chiming guitars from Jake are impressive, none more so than in the middle 8; before those “hard ‘n’ fast” vocals kick in. I don’t want to try to pigeonhole this band but there are definite elements of Hardcore Punk/Rock ‘n’ Roll and a hint of Ska/Punk.

Of course having a female drummer in “Zel” they are making themselves quite different from their peers. The vocals remind this reviewer a little of fellow Londoners “Wonk Unit”, but the similarities end there! “Turn to Acid” is somewhat slower than the previous 2 tracks but still delivers. Once again it’s a collaboration of clangy guitars and hard-hitting, I’m just a little lost with the title of the song. The vocals however are clear and audible and it’s another great song. “In The Black Lodge” may just be the standout track here. The strong, thumping intro and chords changes sit well alongside the “woah, woahs” amid the chorus. There’s intricate picking in the middle 8 and more fine chords. It’s an out and out Punk classic and one imagines a live favourite.

The Ligaments

The Ligaments describe themselves as ‘Hardcore Rock ‘n’ Roll/Pizza Crust Punx and who am I to disagree. What I will say is that they have 4 great songs here and I for one will look forward to hearing more from them in future. With their debut album scheduled for a February 2015 release things look good for The Ligaments if these 4 tracks are anything to go by.

Track Listing
Precinct 13
Turn to Acid
In The Black Lodge


Review by Ross A. Ferrone
Photo by Limokid Shitart Fanzine‎.

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