Winter Gardens

Four-piece Winter Gardens release their new EP Tapestry on the 25th September on their own socially-conscious independent record label Austerity Records. The band take influence from 80’s Post/Punk; 4AD and Creation-era bands, describing their sound as hazy Dream/Pop with the raw energy of Punk. They are situated about fifteen minutes away from luscious open landscapes; gleaming cliffs and peaceful nature reserves, these serene surroundings have played no small part in influencing the band’s ethereal sound-shaping. Indeed, band members Jamie Windless and Matt Squires (bass) have been best friends since they were four years old and grew up together in the same area. “The EP epitomises our shared love for the beauty in the world; both obvious and hidden,” explains Windless. “Life’s Rich Tapestry is a great metaphor for how we perceive nature, art, and world affairs.”

The EP opens beautifully with the title track which features the delicate vocal of Ananda Howard whose vocal combines with the enduring soundscapes that the band create with the help of synths and guitars. It has a “Cocteau Twins” feel to it at times with elements of Shoegaze – think somewhere between Slowdive and Lush. The unusually titled “Zigzanny” pushes the pace up a few notches with a complete turnaround of fuzzed guitars and ever-present infectious rhythms. It’s an energetic fairy tale of a tune that centres around “a very juvenile outlook on love and teenage fantasy.” No doubt if the band were able to perform it live, it would certainly become a fan favourite and a perfect closer to any live set.

Winter Gardens

Track three “Laminar Flow Pt.1” is an atmospheric instrumental featuring a plethora of creative sounds that delicately meander entrancingly. The band proudly wear their influences, from the sonic soundscapes of early Shoegaze to the atmospheric synth scores of Wendy Carlos. Guitarist Jamie Windless explains “I’m a huge lover of film soundtracks and scores, I love instrumental music taking your mind down routes of imagination and fascination.” The final track “Wonders Bleak” is another sublime slice of heady guitars and synths; colliding to create a celestial tune that pushes the very boundaries, with a host of different creative processes used in the making of it.

Once in a while a new discovery comes along; sometimes just by pure chance and when you casually listen, you get sucked in by everything it has to offer. Winter Gardens are one of these such discoveries who I am in awe of what talent is on display here and long to see the band perform live.

Laminar Flow Pt.1
Wonders Bleak

Winter Gardens are
Ananda Howard – Vocals, Synths and Percussion
Jamie Windless – Guitar, Bass, Programming, Synths & Piano
Matt Squires – Bass
Alex Robinson – Drums


Words by David Chinery (Chinners).

Winter Gardens

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