A Room Swept White

Yet another engrossing wave of post hardcore is about to cover us. It’s heading from West Sussex and called “A room swept white”. Watch out, those guys can really awaken your senses with their emotional yet brutal music.

The track that has given the album it’s name is the most powerful and moving. It has the aggression, desperation, disappointment, rage all melted down together in a beautiful piece of music.

It’s followed by hopeful “Time heals”. The tune starts with “I’m breaking down into the bitter ground. Alone I hear them calling. No hope, no hope”. And yet this track has a feel of hidden positivity, faith in better future and that one day all will work out.
Not to forget the intro track “Recollection” that plays the role of some sort of background on which all remaining four tracks are laid out, harmonically finished with reassuring “Better days”.

A Room Swept White

It is definitely a sentimental and heartwaming album, as much as post-hardcore can allow. ARSW admit to be inspired and influenced by The Ghost Inside, Architects and Of Mice & Men. But yet somehow they have still managed to stay unique and create their own feel of so popular nowdays post-hardcore.

If you’d like to experience the surge of the sensations why not to pop into “Bleach” in Brigton this Thursday? Or if you are not local, await for new “No love lost” video which will be released on the 12th December. Here is the teaser:

Band members
Ryan Elliott – Vocals
Alex Kirrage – Guitar
Michael Flood – Guitar
James Nicoll -bass
James Farrant – Drums

Track Listing
This life
No love lost
Time heals
Better days

Contacts: aroomsweptwhite@yahoo.co.uk

Words by Veronica Kavaliova.

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