Mr.Kyps, Poole

Hayseed Dixie

Tom Copson opened proceedings and despite a high level of background noise and chatter he was well received with his brand of acoustic folk pop, as well as as couple of covers including pushing his voice for a cover of Kiss. Which although hit the expected screechy level was enjoyed and received a healthy round of applause.

Having see him perform before supporting Hayseed Dixie I had found his previous performance a little flat, however this time that was definitely not the case. Perhaps the addition of Peter Robins on Cajon gave the performance more depth? Either way he put on a great performance full of energy and confidence – which was well appreciated by the crowd.

Closing his set with a cover Come Together the crowd were very appreciative as they left the stage to tremendous applause. Apologies to Tom, I did not catch the names of his original material!

Tom Copson
Tom Copson 123

In between acts the audience were treated to some faux radio tuning featuring snippets of 80’s hits, rap, metal – all sharig the common thread of familiarity and getting various responses from the Audience. Falco, Tears for Fears, The Pixies, Depeche Mode, amongst others.

So onto tonights main attraction, Hayseed Dixie, who I had managed to miss last time the played Kyps.

What can you say about Hayseed Dixie that has not already been said? Tribute bands are not a regular around here but these guys are more than that. They take hose familiar rock hits and do there own thing with them. And if you are unaware that is mainly bluegrass, or as they call it rock-grass. And to be honest you cannot beat some classic hard rock with a bluegrass hillbilly spin!!

The cheering had started before any stage lights opened just lit be the flash from the audiences cameras.

In between tracks Barley Scotch explained that the four ingredients to any song worth singing are;


To which no one disagreed.

Proceedings were slowed down a notch with superb rendition of “You Shook me All Night Long”, but served to increase the audiences attention. Although, it was some of the tracks from the new album that really captured the crowd, with a brilliant reworking of “Eye Of The Tiger”, not to mention “Don’t Stop Believing”. These guys have no trouble getting audience participation started!

Although the audience started bouncing to the “Ace Of Spades” – always a crowd pleaser!

After a brief philosophical discussion that might have touched on the metaphysical aspects of cartesian dualism (I am not sure as the moonshine might have blurred perceptions) followed some mighty fine fiddlin’ and top pickin’.

…and this was followed by a killin’ song. The greatest killin’ song ever. Bohemian rapsody. If anything this got more response and participation that “Ace of Spades”! Although follow up might have been considered amusingly questionable!

“Paranoid” was performed slower than you would imagine, giving the song to show it’s other side, although the tempo soon picked up into something more akin to what you would expect!

A classic folk song, their words, followed, “We’re Not Going To Take It”. Perhaps from the missing Woody Guthrie archives. Another classic gets a reworking, and the audience singing along, “Fat Bottomed Girls”. Yet another crowd pleaser – you defiantly get the feel that these guys can do no wrong!

Hayseed Dixie
Hayseed Dixie 12345678

Things slow up for an emotional George Jones cover, wrapped in an emotive story from Barleys teenage years. All this heartbreak paved the way for the classic, “I’m Keeping Your Poop (In a Jar)”. Not too much more you can add to that!

After a short intermission the audience were treated to duelling banjos. Which soon mutated into a foot stomping affair. With all four members tightly grouping on stage and playing like possessed devils. As the tempo increased the crowd got more frantic, and received the largest round of applause. This soon subsided as the band flowed into the closing track “Highway to Hell”. To which the crowd thoroughly enjoyed.

As with any show, you expect an encore, and this was no exception, apart from the fact it was virtually a non-stop medley come mashup, based around “Hotel California” and “Careless Whisper”, with a few extra tracks mixed in for good measure.

A covers band maybe, unique act worthy of their own genre? Definitely. This was now hell of show, the sound was great, and as performers they are a tightly knit group. The musicianship and stage camaraderie was second to none. There is no doubt that everyone enjoyed the evening. This was a great show and thanks to Mr. Kyps for getting them to play.

Set List
Hells Bells
Kirby Hill
You Shook Me All Night Long
War/War Pigs
Eye Of The Tiger
Don’t Stop Believing
In The Backyard
Ace Of Spades
Bohemian Rhapsody/Paranoid
Schnaps das war Sein Letztes Wort
We’re Not Gonna Take It
Corn Liquor
She Was Skinny When I Met Her
Fat Bottom Girls
Pour Some Sugar On me
I’m Keeping Your Poop
Moonshiner’s Daughter
Merch/Duelling Banjos
Highway To Hell

Hotel California/Careless Whisper Mashup

But also includes…
Holy diver
Eternal Flame
Dancing queen
Hotel California
Comfortably numb


Words and Piccies by Jon “Department Of Late Reviews”.

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