Mr. Kyps, Poole

Lady Winwoods Maggot

The music calendar in January is usually a quiet one as everybody recovers from the excesses of Christmas and New Year celebrations. This seemed to have passed by those hard working guys in Lady Winwoods Maggot as here we are on the 9th of January at Mr Kyps with a hall packed full of their most loyal fans, ready for their 1st gig of 2015. The band and the entourage have gone to great efforts to make this a special night as they have brought their huge lighting rig with them and have been here all afternoon setting up.

Tonight’s support are The Jimmy Hillbillies, who spent last year making a name for themselves around the local music festivals and drinking hostelry’s around the local Dorset area. The band arrive on the Mr. Kyps stage with a hugely positive, energetic vibe; with the vast majority of the noisy audience behind them. They create a country music infused sound with many modern influences. The frontmen Harry Cobeans on the Mandolin and Ski Daddle on the washboard bounce around the stage with masses of enthusiastic energy. They stalk the stage like Dorset’s answer to Ant and Dec, encouraging the audience at every opportunity to get involved.

The Jimmy Hillbillies
The Jimmy Hillbillies 12345

The band’s set includes some really cleverly reworked songs, to which the Jimmy’s have put their own unique stamp on. They perform a song called “Chicken Train” which includes Ski’s “didge o’doom” which is actually a piece of plastic drainpipe blown through a microphone in a didgeridoo style. Ski leaps over the Mr. Kyps barrier and safely lands on the dance floor where he hoedowns with the audience. The five piece are really on it tonight; putting in a really strong performance and sounding really great, with lots of really encouraging improvements from previous performances. Be sure to catch them at a local venue soon, they are a really great band with a performance that everyone can enjoy.

The Maggots need no introduction and the familiar sound of the banjo signals the start of their opening number “Unleash the Dogs”, which gets the crowd moving right from the start. The band are on great form and despite a few technical issues they deliver a great set full of highlights, along with a few pleasant surprises. The first of these is when Becs Marchant of Salisbury band “Solarbird” is invited to the stage to add her vocal talents to “Fallen Angels”. The setlist is a great mix of songs from all areas of the bands career including live favourites such as the infectious “Billy Tango” and “Bulldozer”, along with a great cover of Prince’s “Purple Rain” with some excellent guitar work from Ged.

Lady Winwoods Maggot
Lady Winwoods Maggot 12345678910

The encores arrive too soon and ex-Maggot Kev Marshall is invited to the stage to join the band on a few songs. He gets behind the drum kick for a very fast-paced version of “John Henry”, while drummer Mike Sidey picks up a tambourine and unusually comes to the front of the stage. Kev stays on stage and joins in with the vocals on a stirring version of Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin”, which includes the audience singing along to every word of the chorus in a beautifully emotional union. After a near two hours on stage Mark, Tony, Ged and Mike take their applause from the audience who have obviously loved every minute of their evening.

Lady Winwoods Maggot
Unleash the Dogs
I Know What’s Mine
Close To the Sun
Soldiers Joy
Chase the Cat
Follow Me Up To Carlow
Fallen Angels (Feat Becs Marchant)
This Town
Billy Tango
Sourwood Mountain
Poor House
Nova (Shine A Light)
O’Keefs Slide
Surfin Bird/Blitzkrieg Bop
Purple Rain
John Henry (Feat. Kev Marshall)
Free Fallin’ (Feat. Kev Marshall)

Jimmy Hillbillies
Hula Hula Boogie
Viva Bosvegas
Carry Me Home
Jack Whiskey
Shake It Up
Chicken Train
Bosonova Baby
Misty Mountain Moonshine
Rambling Bob
On A Night Like This



Words & Videos by Dave Chinery (Chinners)
Pictures by Jon Musselwhite

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