Magna Cart3r

Regulars to the local music venues of Bournemouth may have just heard of a zany, really “out there” band called JC Jesus. They played nearly 50 gigs putting in some really memorable and energetic performances along the way. They have recently had to say goodbye to their bass player “Asha” who made an emotional decision to leave the band due to other musical commitments. This, as well as a few misunderstood situations has led them to change the name of the band. After lots silly ideas they came up with the name Magna Cart3r after a trip to Salisbury Cathedral.

Magna Cart3r

Despite being a member down the band still have a really positive outlook on the future and already have plenty organised. They are not like any other band you have seen and they pride themselves in not being pigeon-holed with any one particular type of music. The three members all bring something really different to the band, with electronics, acoustic guitars and believe it or not a violin used to create a really unique sound. The bands live shows are not something that you will forget in a hurry, with each performance tailored to suit the audience in front of them.

The band came along to Hope FM’s Bournemouth studio to introduce Magna Cart3r to the listeners of Dorset and the world beyond. This is a little out of the band’s usual comfort zone, but nothing seems to phase them and a great stripped down performance followed. They performed three songs including two great original’s, “Blue Letter Day” and “Burn (I Hate to Say I Told You So)” and a stirring version of Biffy Clyro’s “Machines”. The exclusive videos of the performances can be seen below!!

Magna Cart3r

Magna Cart3r are
JC – Vocals/Guitars
DJ Gaz- Electronics
Edward – Vocals/Guitar/Violin



Words, Pictures and Videos By Dave Chinery (Chinners)

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