Darren Hodson & The Southern Companion

In their own words: “The Southern Companion” are the result of a 20 year apprenticeship-Darren has been honing his craft since his early teens, this band and the forthcoming 2nd album “1000 days of rain” represent the culmination of Countless shows, Endless miles, Hundreds of songs, Changing bands, Plans, Vans & Aching hands, Near misses & Death wishes, False starts & Broken hearts, Blank pages & Lonely stages, Blind faith & Blind drunk, Hangout’s, Hang Up’s & Hangover’s, Self-doubt & not selling out. Blood, Sweat, Tears & Beer’s.

“1000 days of Rain” is the 2nd album from one of Hampshire’s best loved artists Darren Hodson. An accomplished artist who’s both adaptable and passionate about any project he takes part in. Darren surrounds himself with a collective of occasional and permanent musicians who he calls the “The Southern Companion”. The band’s roots are definitely from the Country/Americana side, however that is far from the whole story as lots of other welcome genres find their way in.

The new album is an incredible personal insight into Darren’s life, with many of the songs being written about his beloved family and his new experiences of Fatherhood. His songwriting is deep and very honest, making it so easy for any listener to relate with all the subject matter. The album kicks off with “Crash” and from the start you can hear nice new additions of fiddles and Mandolin’s; giving a pleasant, catchy foot-tapping feel.

“Feels like Years” is one of the standout tracks and with his heart on his sleeve Darren tells of how the drudgery of everyday life stops him spending quality time with his wife Sally. The chorus is just one of the most delightfully addictive things you will hear this year. I expect you will be singing it in your heads all day after hearing just once. “The Leaving Kind” a live favourite from the first album “Short Stories & Tall Tales” also gets a nice reworking.

Darren Hodson & The Southern Companion

“Lullaby for G” is a beautiful song written for his young daughter Georgia Grace who wakes up from a nightmare with Daddy at her bedside. Daddy explains that the monsters in her dreams are scared of Daddy and no-one can hurt you. A very touching song full of the emotional side to parenthood that all parents will understand. “Wrong Side of The 70’s” is a really upbeat rocking tale of Darren’s musical experiences through the years.

Second albums can be a very difficult follow-up from the first. In this case Darren and fellow musicians have exceeded themselves in all areas. The arrangements with the new additions put to these songs give something that has a fantastic and wide appeal. All ten tracks here are worthy of their inclusion on this album, there are certainly no fillers here. A record that has been a long time in the making; that has been produced with the passion of truly dedicated musicians, who deserve the ears of a much wider audience.

Darren Hodson is currently on tour in the UK & Europe with Rumer.

Track Listing
Feels Like Years
This Love Of Mine
Heaven Knows
The Leaving Kind
Lullaby For G
Dead Man Walking
Waiting On A Corner
Wrong Side of the 70’s
Letting You Go

The Southern Companion are
Darren Hodson: Vocals / Guitars
Simon Johnson: Guitars / Backing Vocals
Stuart Ross: Bass / Backing Vocals
Olly Richmond-Jones: Drums / Backing Vocals
Lee Maycock: Keys


Words By Dave Chinery (Chinners).

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