The Saw

The Saw are a four piece Rock band based on the South Coast of England and have recently released their album ìBurning Bridgesî. This was recorded at Delmontie Studios in Bournemouth over a 2 year period and has been lovingly crafted by the band and expertly produced by Jack Bass using “Pro Tools” as the recording medium. As a live band The Saw have gigged extensively including many of their own headline shows as well as playing alongside artists as varied as Mountain, The Yardbirds, Dr Feelgood, The Pirates, Groundhogs and Eddie & The Hot Rods. The band features members of Rock/Blues band “Crosscut Saw” who formed in Bournemouth in 1997.

The album kicks off with “Burning Bridges” which has a guitar intro that sounds reminiscent Lou Reed’s “Sweet Jane”. The song path takes you through an infectious bluesy guitar riff with storytelling vocals, that gives you the feeling that the lyricist has been around the block a few times. The lyrics throughout the whole album seem to come from personal experiences and give the view of someone looking back, thinking about things that could have been. If you are a fan of well-played, layered guitar work then look no further-this hits the spot on all levels. There are songs such as “So Complicated” and the excellent “Rosanne” which features a killer solo that any accomplished guitar player would be more than proud of.

“Make Me an Offer”, “Him over Me” and “Sight for Sore Eyes” show this album is quality throughout, with no obvious filler tracks. There is a clear injection of Americana and these tunes would not be out on place playing on American radio. A little change in pace and style for the “The Later Train”, a song about avoidance and uncertainty which features some nice additional fiddle work. The twelve track album takes seasoned influences from days gone by and mixes them with their own modern, original sound. The 70’s soft Rock melodious guitar; combined with imposing well delivered vocals, makes for an impressive album that is skilfully crafted.

Line Up
Phil Best
Pete Clarkson
Paul Bass
Dirk McQuickly

Track Listing
Burning Bridges
One Shot
All Hung Up
So Complicated
Make Me an Offer
Him over Me
Life in the Fast Lane
Sight for Sore Eyes
The Later Train
Girls on the Phone
Drama Queen



Words By Dave Chinery(Chinners)

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