Opening the evening’s entertainment fell to the brilliantly named Kung Fu Chicken Fighters. They made good with some funky assed tunes played with a good vibe and some rocking riffs. At times the vocals were a bit soft and would have benefited from a more powerful delivery but they put in a set and their groove laden rock went down a treat.

Kung Fu Chicken Fighters

Kung Fu Chicken Fighters 1234

The Electric Shakes should have been born in the USA as their brand of greasy trucker rock was dished out with plenty of serious whoop ass. Garage rock with a scuzzy low down ambience, reeking of smokey bars with beer drenched floors.

The Electric Shakes
The Electric Shakes 1234

The Snail Chasers are loud and ballsy played their rock with a distinct punk edge. Songs came along like a streetfighters punches thick, fast and knockout style. Bournemouth’s Mountain Feet have a big 70’s rock band feel to their music and attitude. Stripped down massive riffs delivered with a gutsy swagger and a confident style made them eminently watchable.

Snail Chasers
Snail Chasers 
Mountain Feet
Mountain Feet 1234

Tonight headliners have graced the Anvil’s confines before, in fact it was the third time the Spanish quartet have bought their slick classic rock to Bournemouth and each time the crowd has grown that much larger. Touring their crowdfunded excellent new album the English vocal led Babylonia Haze and the Spanish led Karma Generator (same music, different languages), they took to the stage and went on to furnish the audience with a master class in musicianship. From passionate vocals and keyboards from frontman Jesus Trujillo, note perfect mind-bending guitars from Andres Duende, backed up by Cesar Sanchez’s groove laden bass histrionics and supported all by the solid Javier Planelles who played like he was channelling the spirt of John Bonham by battering the drums furiously. The whole show was a joy from start to finish and I barely took any photos as I was enjoying the tunes too much.

Eldorado 1234567


Words and photos: Dan “back in the saddle” O’Gara

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