End Begin

A month or so ago prog-rock outfit End Begin from Leeds released their EP “Empire Of Fools”, and we have been giving it spin here at RR Towers.

Open with the powerful, yet gentle “Tey’sha” you immediately get drawn into their world, as the tempo drops and the music starts to wash over you. The guitar provides a delicate melody, whilst the rhythm section slowly does it thing, all coming together for those more powerful sections where everything is let loose, albeit refrained. The vocals aide towards proving the refrain, even when the tempo gets kicked up a notch.

As the second track, “Missionary”, starts you feel the power growing. But quickly takes a different tack, with a more punchy rhythm, and faster paced vocals, you are drawn in more than the opening track. The bass nibbles away at you, while rhythm acts almost as a metronome – then it all happens. yet the vocals remain unashamedly calm, just as you think everything else is turning to chaos. Yet they flip this around and strip it all back, returning to the almost regimental metronome beat. They manage to blend the breaks and sections perfectly.

“Lice” opens with a much harder hitting sound, and almost a barrage from the drums, but soon real it in. there is almost almost with a sci-fi vibe. Settling into a heavy rock vibe, you almost think that there are hints of Metallica as the barrage from guitars and drums hits you.

“After Martyrdom” opens more delicately than “Lice”, and this short instrumental continues providing a break in proceedings. Almost serving as an intro to “Numbers”. The gentle guitars wash over you, as the drums provide a solid framework for the track, while the cymbals offset the guitar work.This soon crescendos up, running out of energy it gentle drops back down. This an epic track weighing in at just over 10 minutes, and even at this length it does not get tired, and with each listen you find more detail, and more ways for it to hook you in. In fact this can be said for the whole album.

End Begin

The interestingly titled “Trium Virum” envelops the listener and while the guitar work envelops you, you find yourself enveloped once again. While not as harder as previous tracks, there is a sense of urgency to the track, and halfway through the guitar opens up with its soaring sound, just to ensure you know where you are.

“Remnants” passed me by the first time, and while only coming in at about 2 minutes is another instrument that seamlessly blends between two tracks, providing added depth and atmosphere to the proceedings. (okay there is a hint of vocals at the end!)

“Becoming” close the album, and opens with a differing vocal, a rushed spoken word as if drawing in breathe gives a whole new feel to their sound. the guitar has a harder edge, but again the vocals seem refrained, and just play off this expertly. Throughout the album I thought I could hear traces of Marillion, as well as Metallica, and while I did not intend to mention this, it seems more prevalent in this track. This is another ten minute epic, that although harder in nature still washes over you and does not drag.

Tagging themselves as alternative, rock, prog, and metal, amongst others – they draw on these influences with varying degrees of application. There is no denying the prog nature underpinning everything (a single story, 10 minute tracks – gotta be prog!), but merging in strong elements of hard rock, and metal, with out spoiling a thing is a tremendous feet. But always with a skill and dexterity that cannot be faulted, they create not only an atmospheric piece, but one that can be dark and brooding, and demand multiple plays. Be it during those moments of chaos, or the quite sections the vocals keep you on board with their delivery being your guide throughout. The album cleverly wears the story of a mans journey, but that is something for you to find out. This is one storming debut – something to be proud of!

Check them out on SoundCloud.

Line Up
David J Freeman
Dave Rangel
Dominic Turton
Rory Smith

Track Listing
After Martydom
Trium Virum


Words by Jon.

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