Mr. Kyps, Poole


30th Anniversary Show

If anytime in the past 30 years or so you have frequented long lost Dorset music venues such as Mr Smith’s, The Gander, Mr. C’s, Bacchuss or The Britannia, you may have just seen this Dorset-based progressive Rock band Galahad. Their first gig was at the Somerford Community Centre on 31st August 1985, where they nervously played a set in front of mainly family and friends.

Over the next thirty years they bagged themselves a whole host of major support slots with some big name bands, a radio session with Tommy Vance on the “Friday Rock Show”, performed at major festivals in Europe and nearly lost the lead singer Stu to Marillion.

Tonight the celebrations kick off at Mr Kyps in front of a fairly gig-weathered crowd of fans who have formed their own relationships with the band’s music through a whole host of diverse albums. The music kicks off with the two-part “Salvation” from “Beyond the Realms of Euphoria”, with an epic keyboard intro expertly executed by the newest member of the band Dean Baker who joined about 18 years ago. Frontman Stu Nicholson entered the stage to a warm welcome dressed in a long Dracula style robe with glittered face and eyeliner. The familiar words to Salvation “I don’t need Salvation, I don’t need no judgement Day” rolled off his tongue perfectly, much to the delight of the excited crowd.

Galahad 1234567

One of the band’s best tunes “Guardian Angel” was next and this deep meaningful number was dedicated to one of the unsung heroes of the band’s longevity, Stu’s wife Lin. The band with their next number “Beyond the Barbed Wire” remembered bass player Neil Pepper who tragically died of cancer in 2011. Their brother was with them in 2-d form with a full size cardboard cut-out on stage with them. The song was written by Neil and emotionally performed by the band with him solidly in their thoughts. A short, fitting tribute of “Soon” was performed for “Yes” bassist Chris Squire who died suddenly just last week.

Galahad 12345678

After a short interval break (well these guys are not getting any younger) the band returned with a few surprises in the form of some old songs that have been reworked and put on a new EP, which is a taster to the band’s re-recorded “Best Of” “When Worlds Collide” which is due for release later this year. The tracks included “The Chase” that included guest bassist Daryl Watts who gave Tim Ashton a good run for his money. There was also the progtastic “Room 801” which included a brief visit to the stage by a mysterious alien.

Galahad 12345

The party atmosphere really started when the band performed their first single “Dreaming on the Inside” and introduced guest keyboard player Mark Andrews. The vast majority of the older members of the audience joined Stu singing the chorus together in a beautiful unison. The night ended with a well-deserved encore-ìSeize the Day” which included extrovert frontman Greg of Bournemouth band “Poze” joining Stu on tambourine and vocals. With the audience showered with party poppers, chocolates and exploding confetti cannons, it’s clear that Galahad really know how to throw a party. There is still plenty of life is these guyís yet, so don’t expect them to go away and hibernate just yet.

Salvation I: Overture
Salvation II: Judgement Day
Guardian Angel
Beyond The Barbed Wire
21st Century Painted Lady
Secret Kingdoms…
… And Secret Worlds
Soon (Tribute to Chris Squire of Yes)
Empires Never Last

The Chase
Room 801
Chamber of Horrors
Exorcising Demons
This Life Could Be My Last
Dreaming on the Inside
Seize The Day



Words & Videos By Dave Chinery (Chinners)
Pictures by Jon Musselwhite

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