In musical terms Christchurch’s Sirpico are almost Elder Statesmen to the local scene. So it’s no surprise they have finally put together this 9 song collection, called To Be Frank, for “our” attention.

“Human Wreckage” opens with some delicate picking before Al’s strong, passionate vocals kick in. He strains to use every inch of his range before his vocals and the music explode into life. The cymbal-led drumming sits behind a potent guitar and understated bass. The bass in the bridge gives way to a keys section before Al vocalises once more. The guitars then get stronger while the drums dictate the tempo of the song – a great opener!

“Jostle” is not new to me having appeared on a demo cd I was recently was given by the band. An interesting start with an echoey vocal part, before announcing itself. A tight, “up & at em” vocal delivery before a strong drumbeat and “Billy Duffy-esque” guitar section. This song has “Brit Flick Soundtrack” music written all over it. Lyrically a song of struggle or ambition – who knows? The build-up to the end is great and has that classic fade-out to finish.

“Too long” has elements of The Who in the intro-Al really stretches his vocals on this honest, heartfelt song. Whether a love song or pained break-up song, it’s all in there lyrically. The chiming guitar and keys in the middle 8 sets us up for the big noodly section and once again, heartfelt ending.

“In Your Soul” starts with a brilliant chord section which, if I’m not very much mistaken has been “lifted” from the Pistols “Pretty Vacant” – or have I just been listening to too much Punk of late?! Either way it’s a great, multi-layered song that has echoes of Ocean Colour Scene. Complimented by a confident up-tempo vocal, it has all the influences of the mid-90’s. There are so many great elements going on here and those chiming guitars feature prominently once more.

“Golden Handshake” begins with a piano-led intro and delicate cymbals, before opening up. Story telling lyrics and heartfelt in delivery in a pained style, one feels they are going for the personal angle again. The song really comes to life however with a piano “bridge” before the guitars take over.


“Perfect Lady”, an ode to that “rarest of breeds” the Perfect Lady! Slightly tongue in cheek, (they don’t exist after all)! The piano parts of this song seem to be from another era. However; the chorus while a tad repetitive, sits in your conscious and you can’t get it out of your head. I defy Al to sing this song live without grinning!

If ever there was a song synonymous with Sirpico it’s “The River”. A stalwart live song from their repertoire it appears here in its finest form. It has that classic Indie feel from start to finish. Lyrically it borders on the sinister, (listen carefully)! The middle 8 takes it in a faster direction – cue self-indulgence in the live arena! It’s a great song and the perfect set closer when performed live.

“Everything She Had| goes back to basics with their sound, once again staying in the personal. The pacey drums and guitars are great throughout while the layering at the end is a highlight.

“Don’t Matter To Me” closes this collection rather well. I once likened Al’s vocals to that of a certain Paul Weller, but this is the only track on here that this reference comes to mind. The swirling guitars almost throughout are the main ingredient of the song, which builds to a big finish.


This collection has been a long time in the making, but is well worth the wait. The production is clean and the songs still sound fresh. I hope if nothing else, these songs propel them to higher echelons within the industry. Failing that some bigger gigs in better venues. Time waits for no man though and I just hope their time hasn’t passed them by – we will see.

Sirpico are
Kristian Dluzewski
Al Sirpico
Dan Sirpico
Paul Finch

Track listing
Human Wreckage
Too Long
In Your Soul
Golden Handshake
Perfect Lady
The River
Everything She Had
Don’t Matter To Me


Review by Ross A. Ferrone

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