Junkyard Choir

With some fuzzed up guitar, and voice husky voice, offset with a strong blues vibe that is perfectly set against a rock influenced backdrop giving a strong sound from this Brighton two piece.

Opening with an old school classic rock vibe there is something special happening here. “Vaya Con Dios” sets the scene brimming over with energy, kept under control by the vocals. Quickly followed by the rather short “Get It On”, you are simply left wanting more – thankfully this is only track 2!

“Oh Have Mercy” was released in February as a single, and is strong track. The vocals draw you in, and the stripped back sound opens up, as the solid rhythm gets under your skin. This continues with “Let The Good Times Roll” and its hell-of-slab of guitar work and crescendoing drum work. While “Hold Fast” slows up proceedings as it washes over you with its punchy rhythm and harmonies, and is taken from their previous incarnation as “Dos Hermanos Locos”.

The shortest track on the album, “Sun Moon Stars”, comes in at just under 100 seconds – and packs an unexpected punch. With a rock ‘n roll hook it drags you in, down, and pummels you. Shame it is so short!

As the barrage of “Rehab” hits you, and leaves, the chaos seems to come calling for “The Wolf”, and while perpetuating the energy from “Rehab”, it soon settles into as quirky track that punches through the speakers. This track is almost a little more abstract than those that preceded, reminding me of a certain gravelly American. “Let Your Love Roll In” reels everything back in, mellower track, and one that returns to the bluesy side of the band. The keys provide the backdrop, as the guitars crescendo and gently release.

Junkyard Choir

Closing proceedings, and turning down the tempo is “Sweet Marylou”, a track which feels that could easily have evolved into a Country & Western track. With lyrics that feel like they are for time gone by, and a girl that caught everyone√≠s attention, and especially the singers heart.

All the while this might make it sound like some form of heavy going rock/blues – there is something uplifting about it. Maybe the lighter guitar sections, the keys? Either way this is a great mix, with the only criticism being that some of the short(er) tracks could have grown, or evolved, into full tracks that could have really shone out. If alternative bluesy rock tickles your fancy these guys are well worth checking out.

The debut album “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie” was released last April, and is avialable on Bandcamp.

The album is only ¬£5 (or more) on Bandcamp, with copies of the CD still remaining – it is well worth checking out. I’ve ordered mine…

Up and coming Dates
9th April – Bar 42, Worthing
19th April – The Joker, Brighton
23rd April – Printer’s Playhouse, Eastbourne
5th May – The Oval, Croydon
14th May – Scream Lounge, Croydon

Line Up
Mark Woods – Vocals & Guitar
Tom Hebert – Drums & Vocals

Additional Musicians
Gavin Kinch – Hammond Organ (Tracks 1,3,6,10,11)
Jom Roffey – Saxophone (Tracks 9,11)
Del Williamson – Bass Guitar (Track 11)

Track Listing
Vaya Con Dios
Get It On
Oh Have Mercy
Let The Good Times Roll
Hold Fast
Shake Your Tambourine
Sun Moon Stars
The Wolf
Let Your Love Roll In
Sweet Marylou


Words by Jon.