The Electric Shakes

It’s been 18 months since my last review of The Electric Shakes, and now they return with a new 3 track E.P. Opening with the title track “Stereotypical Girls” in ballsy fashion, an observational account of a certain “type” of Lady who hits the town most weekends up and down the British Isles. Sung almost as a put down it hits the spot and perfectly sums up Bournemouth of a weekend. “Long hair and cherry coloured lipstick, high heels and a very short skirt” – observationally astute and yes, we’ve all seen them! The chorus is anthemic, backed by a chugging beat and a “Garagey” guitar sound. The main riff is killer, and the song is clearly written with a live audience in mind.

“They Won’t Believe Us” has an equally big chunky guitar intro; giving way to (dare I suggest) a radio friendly sound, with an equally infectious chorus. A strong bridge kicks in before the tempo is upped somewhat. The drums are bigger on this song while the ending; despite being abrupt, is great.

The Electric Shakes

“Turn It over Now” shows more of an American influence – The Munsters comes to mind but make your own choice! The lyrics are catchy and there’s some humour thrown in. The scratchy guitars are the overriding feature but one can’t help but detect hints of at least 3 other songs – I just can’t fathom which songs yet so you the listener decide!

I have said in past reviews that The Electric Shakes may need to change their style a little to progress. On here they prove they have the ability to expand their sound, while retaining their trademark Garage/Rock Dirty R’n’R sound. Never a band to stand still they prove on this E.P. they have more in the tank. I just hope they fulfil their undoubted potential.

The Electric Shakes

Stereotypical Girls
You Don’t Believe Us
Turn It Over Now

The Electric Shakes are
Steve Lynch: Guitars/Vox
Eric Young: Bass/Vox
Mark “Basha” Spiers: Drums/Vox


Review by Ross A. Ferrone.

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