Drop Jaw John

Some said it couldn’t happen.
A few said it wouldn’t happen.
Most said it shouldn’t happen.

It happened.

Deep in the darkest reaches of the New Forest they were hiding. They were scaring people. They were committing more atrocities to the annals of music history.

If you had the [dis]pleasure of playing their first album then you know what to expect from their latest offering. In fact worse than listening to the first album would be playing it to your nearest and dearest. Actually worse is if they relate to it, and disappear into the woods never to return.

Of course, I can only be talking about those depraved individuals Drop Jaw John.

Opening with the ominous “Death Trainî and it sets the tone; one of a dark and more than wayward Southern excursion into a hillbilly nightmare. The distorted vocals continue as the high tempo “Diggin’ up Mah Daddy” kicks in with banjo picking, harmonica, and I think a Jews Harp.

But what sets this depraved set of tracks apart is the care and attention that has gone into making it. The content is just as despicable as their first outing, “Incest and Sunday Best”, but this is tighter sounding album. Not only that some of the tracks are a little too catchy, and fun to sing along to.

Drop Jaw John

“Bra-Bustin’ Bitches” says it all. With a back story to justify the desire for well-endowed ladies, this is a great mixture of humour, catchy tune, and a potentially unhealthy fixation with boobs.

Things take a darker twist with a reworking of ìThis Olí Houseî. It’s slow delivery sets it apart from the more humorous tracks, and almost bring an air of sophistication – in a direct clash with the prior tracks, which just adds to its uneasy feel. The slow bass, and banjo picking are too relaxed for the gruff vocals and fiddle playing.

If you came here for the humour, then a couple of tracks on you are treated(?) to “Lick Mah Balls”. To be honest, the title says it all, it is a fun track, with more than its fair share of school-boy humour.

The album closes with the tracks that are a little more serious, starting with “Man Killer” you get a foot tapping beat, blending harmonica and fiddle into a track that is more rock ‘n roll than hillbilly, but uses those elements to keep the track in keeping with the album. It’s a dark tell of woman hating, and the revenge by a woman call Rattlesnake Loretta.

Drop Jaw John

“Bad Preacher Man” is a faster-paced track as the sticks click and the banjo ring out. While “Mad Man Blues” starts off slower, the electric guitar echoing out under the vocals. This track turns the rest of the album on its head with its slower approach. Well, you’d think that, as the track explodes about halfway through; the vocals scream out, the tempo ratchets up more than a few notches, and becomes a fitting close to the album.

If you need something offensive in your collection then this might be the one for you…but rush if you have a hankering for a physical copy. Only 100 were pressed and they are running out, if not already gone. But there is always the digital outlets…

Track Listing
Death Train
Diggin’ Up Mah Daddy
All Fucked Up
God Can Ya Help Me?
Bra-Bustin’ Bitches
This Ol’ House
Dirty Dawg
Lick Mah Balls
Man Killer
Bad Preacher Man
Mad Man Blues


Words by Jon.

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