The Joiners, Southampton

The Kut

A warm evening at Southampton Joiners sees date 23 of an exhaustive 30 date (back to back) tour by The Kut. Awful traffic means we miss the openers (whose name escapes me), but we arrive in good time to catch local boys The Smokin’ Prophets.

Their Johnny Thunders meets Backyard Babies inspired Rock is the perfect warm-up. They open with “Gonna Make It” and the preening and shapeshifting starts early-I would suggest these guys have watched all the right videos and seen all the best bands! “Mr. Rock ‘n’ Roll” is apt as they have a wide range of influences. Marty (vox/guitar) reminds me of a young Kevin Bacon (had he shunned acting)! Straight away I’m getting a whole influence of Johnny Thunders, most notably in stage presence. Tonight’s line-up is trimmed to a 3-piece without Matt (guitar), who is unfortunately ill. They do however possess enough power and energy as they are.

“Pumped Up” sees them use the whole of the stage and they don’t disappoint with “I Wanna Be Loved” (Johnny Thunders). Alex (drums) hits the skins nice and hard while Jayke (bass/back-vox) is chief shapeshifter, contorting his body almost throughout. Quite simply they are a tight unit-huge bass, thumping drums and strong vocals. “Shot In The Dark” precedes current single ‘The Innocent’ which seems softer than the rest of their set. “Liability” returns to parity and they end on “Don’t Hold Back” which they don’t. A great set by a band new to me; and while it’s not my favourite genre, there is much to like about The Smokin’ Prophets.

The Smokin' Prophets
The Smokin’ Prophets 12345

And so to the headliners; London-based “The Kut” come here near the end of a 30 date tour that has seen them cover virtually the whole of the British Isles. A very sparse crowd stick around to witness their Hole-esque riot grrrl set. They open with “Mario” and set out their stall early. Having seen them 2 weeks earlier at Rebellion I know they are a band who start slow and gradually build their set.

The Kut
The Kut 1234567

“Doesn’t Matter Anyway” follows as they ease themselves in. On “No Trace” two middle-aged punters decide to slam dance their way through the entire song – no quarter is given and they only stop once the song finishes, it’s hilarious!! “Maniac” sees them really open up and (Princess) Maha (lead vox/guitar) really stretches her lungs. Hannah (bass/vox) seems happy to shoegaze and headbang in equal measure throughout. New song “If Looks Could Kill” is Hole-esque vocally, while Diana (drums) is effortlessly powerful throughout. The bass on “Therapy” is huge altho the entire set is heavy. “Don Juan” precedes new single ‘Bad Man’ which is excellent before they end on “Hollywood”. They remain onstage for a one song encore in the shape of “Burn Your Bridges”, then depart for pictures and chat.

One has to admire any band prepared to go out and play 30 dates back to back and The Kut deserve credit for that. Clearly not sat around waiting for things to happen these girls deserve to be noticed. On the strength of tonight’s show I sincerely hope they play in bigger venues to bigger audiences soon-just such a shame so few people were willing to take a chance on The Kut tonight. Their time will come I’m sure.

The Kut Setlist
Doesn’t Matter Anyway
No Trace
Alethane’s Gun
If Looks Could Kill
I Am Vain
Don Juan
Bad Man

Burn Your Bridges
The Smokin’ Prophets Setlist
Gonna Make It
Mr. Rock n Roll
You Better Run
Pumped Up
Do You Believe
I Wanna Be Loved (Johnny Thunders cover)
Shot In The Dark
The Innocent
Last Hope
Don’t Hold Back



Words, & Pictures by Ross A. Ferrone

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