Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe, Bournemouth

Discos out (Murders In)

Apparently all good things must come to an end; and in this case, Discos out (Murders In) after 9 years together have decided to call it day. The band who have been part of “The Burrow Collective” have played a host of major gigs including the Larmer Tree Festival and the Final of the Dorset Music Awards at the Royal Bath Hotel. They have also been the backbone of the local music scene providing their personnel the freedom and inspiration to go off and play in many other outfits. Bands that have been spurned from DOMI include Powdered Cows, Not Made in China, Citizen Perez, El Bosco, Escapefrom 98, Head of a Cuban Trojan, Hope and the New Flower Generation and I’m sure there are more. Yes, they are indeed an important band on our local music scene and their last stand here at Chaplin’s Cellar Bar is a huge date on the gig calendar.

The band have the knack of making virtually every gig just a little different from the last, with tweaks in musical content and dress codes. Tonight; as it’s the last, the band have pulled out all the stops with full fancy dress costumes and face paint – just for starters. They arrive onstage for their first set and are welcomed by a huge crowd, even by Cellar bar standards. Frontman Steve Perry’s infectious smile beams across his face as the band kick off and the crowd start dancing to their infectious, slightly wacky upbeat tunes.

Discos Out (Murders In)
Discos Out (Murders In) 12345678

Steve dedicated the whole evening and any money made to the memory of Kate Hennessey who died on the 16th September. Kate had a double lung transplant about four years ago and used the four years to fulfil many of her dreams, including creating a festival called “Hen Fest” to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis charities. Kate would have loved tonight’s vibe and the band did not mourn her death, but celebrated her life the way she would have wanted it. Kate was only in her early twenties and it was a shock to all who knew her, but our lives are certainly enriched through knowing her.

The band come back for the second half of the show with a massive injection of energy. The set features all our brass-filled favourites with Steve, Lynsey, Martin, Tiff, Tubbs, Imogen and James each giving 100% into each tune. Martin (Dressed as a Red Indian with full headress) had a job on his hands with the limited space on this small stage, switching instruments from trumpet to trombone to percussion with a keytar hanging around his neck and a bassist to his rear. The highlights include “Watch Me Rise” where the band build the song up to a crescendo and balloons then cascade over the bouncing audience. “Blow my Mind” and a 2nd encore version of live favourite “Stuck in the Middle” ended the night off perfectly with the band bowing out with loads of positive appreciation from the elevated crowd. Is this the end? well,……we’ll have to wait and see. I’m already printing up the 2018 tour reunion t-shirts as we speak!! Long live Discos out (Murders In)…………..

Set List
It Stopped
They Came Knocking
I Can See Everything
Say Something

You Will Lose in the End
Watch Me Rise
Kids Aren’t Alright
Lies Lies Lies
Stuck in the Middle
Back to the Start
Blow My Mind

Stuck in the Middle



Words, Pictures & Videos by David Chinery (Chinners)

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