The Anvil, Bournemouth


It’s a freezing cold Friday night but there’s no let-up in bookings of late in Bournemouth’s burgeoning Punk scene. Tonight the Anvil plays host to four bands-2 local and 2 “out of towners”.

Opening tonight are Gutter Rats, fresh from a storming set at this years Oxjam Festival (Punk night). Trimmed to a 3-piece, regular drummer Damian (Ayriss) has cried off with flu. Stepping into the breech for the very first time, and with barely a rehearsal is multi-instrumentalist brother Jordan (Ayriss). So, Dad Jason (Ayriss) takes complete guitar duties, ably assisted by Hamster (bass). With only a 30 minute slot; tonight’s set is largely originals, with two popular covers. They open with ‘Put Your Clothes Back On’ and live fave “Hideaway”. “Shadowplay” (Joy Division) gets an early airing tonight and is simply immense. The frankly amusing “Porno George” is bettered only by old favourite “Bluebottle”, before they leave us on new live favourite “Judy Is A Punk”. I’m so pleased my dislike of Morrissey’s recent cover of this song inspired them to take it on (with added gusto)!

As a 3-piece Gutter Rats still cut the mustard. Whether this is a sign of things to come remains to be seen; but Jordan smiled and gurned in equal measure throughout, and his performance was near perfect. Jason (lead guitar) was as feisty as ever on the mic, while Hamster’s style seemed more laid back than usual.

Gutter Rats 12345

Next up are local Punks “Rotten Scoundrels”. They start with their loud intro before first song “We Took”. From memory these guys don’t do long songtitles! Their brand of Punk is heavy throughout. Varley’s (guitar/vox) vocals at times are harsh and at times melodic, matched to Jon’s (bass/vox) thumping bass and heavy drumming from Zac (drums/add. vox). There really are no half measures. However, there’s humour in the titles alone. “Old Mess” is an early highlight while a mid-set string break doesn’t dampen Varley’s spirits in the slightest. Rotten Scoundrels are the happiest band alive as Jon and Zac perform an impromptu jam as we await the re-string! On “Stand 4” they employ the slow/fast formula and it works a treat for them, allied to the tongue in cheek lyrics. “Twat” and “Turtle” are great examples and garner the first bit of movement in the room. “Money 4 War” is a set highlight with it’s obvious message, while ‘Punk Weekend’ seems somewhat apt. They end with the excellent “Dead Insight” and leave to great applause.

Rotten Scoundrels
Rotten Scoundrels 123

London/Bournemouth – based Punks Missile are up next. After initially forming in London way back when, the band endured a self-imposed hiatus of some 17 years. Back together now and on the back of a recent festival appearance in the last 6 months, they blisteringly take this crowd by the scruff of the neck and deliver a powerful assault on the eardrums! It’s old skool Punk with Rock elements. Paul’s (guitar/vox) vocal is gravelly in places yet remains audible almost throughout. They open with “Gutter” which seems somewhat apt! “Pisstory” follows and like the majority of the set is anthemic. “Yobbo” and “Payback” are great, sandwiching the noodly “My Celebration” before delivering the self-titled “Missile”. Martin’s (drums) snare-driven drumming at times is huge while appearing effortless. “Society” is a set highlight and they debut a new song tonight which they name on the spot. “Be Real” is simply excellent. They end with “Fat Cat” from their new E.P. and are seemingly finished, but for shouts of “one more”. They reluctantly play an encore and Harv (bass/vox) gives a stirring rendition of “New Rose” (The Damned). They too leave to great applause.


Missile 123456

Just before 11 Maidstone’s finest Snide take to the stage. This quartet adopt a slight UK82 style approach with strong vocals. They open with “Hard Work” which they are anything but. “Recluse” is decent before vocalist Lou dedicates “Miserable Bitch” to herself – don’t be so hard on yerself love!! She comes across slightly moody early on but lightens up latterly. That vocal at times is in yer face, yet suits the Snide sound. Alan (drums) effortlessly keeps the beat while Nobby’s bass is huge. “Invisible” is excellent while “I Believe” is another highlight as this audience; encouraged by one very eager “dancer”, start to move a little more now. Even the guys from Rotten Scoundrels are joining in the throng! “Disorder” seems apt looking at the carnage and spilt beer on the floor, while “I Don’t Care” sets them up for their finale in true Punk spirit with added audience participation. “Viva Las Vegas” is their last song as they too depart on a cover. Despite being new to me Snide are as tight as. Confident musicianship, allied to bullish yet humourous vocals and an all round tight sound, they are the sum of their parts yet not run of the mill. They could easily hold their own against any female-fronted Punk bands out there and I for one would welcome their return to these parts.

Set Lists
Gutter Rats
Put Your Clothes Back On
Shadowplay (Joy Division cover)
Turn To Dust
Porno George
Judy Is A Punk (Ramones cover)

Rotten Scoundrels
We Took
Old Mess
Stand 4
Money 4 War
Punk Weekend
Dead Insight

Song For An Old Friend
My Celebration
Bad Fascination
Fat Cat
Be Real

New Rose (Damned cover)

Hard Work
Miserable Bitch
I Don’t Want
I Believe
Peace Of
I Don’t Care
Viva Las Vegas (Elvis cover)



Review, Pictures and Videos by Ross A. Ferrone

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