The Villanovas

Over the past year Bournemouth band The Villanovas have had some unbelievable times playing gigs that they could have only dreamed about since forming in 2014. After a gig in London a Mexican booking agent asked them to play the Festival Del Pitic in Hermosillo/Sonora, alongside other acts like Gilby Clarke, Ana Moura and Earth Wind & Fire. The guys could not quite believe this was happening until they actually boarded the plane. A tour of Canada was booked shortly afterwards with the band playing a couple of festivals and a string of venue gigs.

If that was not enough the band were invited to the famous NAMM conference in Los Angeles after being contacted by Legendary rock ‘n’ roll photographer Robert M Knight, (Star of Warner Bros documentary, “Rock Prophecies”.) Brett flew out as the band’s representative, he was then introduced to Matt Sorum, (Drummer of Guns n Roses/Velvet Revolver). After showing Matt an early master of our new single “Bitter Seeds”, he was quoted as saying The Villanovas are “the future of rock ‘n’ roll”. Following the trip to America, the band have now found new management based in LA.

The Villanovas

To keep up this positive momentum the band release a brand new 5 track EP titled “Bitter Seeds” this month. The band’s influences are taken from the early guitar pioneers of the 60’s and 70’s and here they flourish with some great original material. The EP was recorded with the Surrey-based engineer Joe Reeves, who was recommended by local musician Jack Grace. The Ep kicks off with “If You Wanna Get Ahead”; an infectious twin guitar assault with equally catchy chorus, a song that delivers from all areas. “When I Told You” is a little smoother and benefits from Joe Reeves clinical ear with bubbling drums and Brettís super vocal delivery. The title track is a clear Rocker from the start with full-on heavier guitars, hard hitting drumming and pulsating bass lines that show these guys are really capable of a full range of styles.

The Villanovas

Things really get moving with “Honest Man” as the band continue their stride with a bit of revisiting the past, as well as bringing things up-to-date with their own take on tried and tested methods. “Last Week” demonstrates that the boys have really mastered harmonies and cleverly put their voices to good use. Together with yet more outstanding guitar work; I can imagine that this tune gets really extended live, as the guitars could so go on for much longer. Though The Villanovas have not reinvented rock n’ roll they have certainly sharpened their pencils putting together something that is well written, cleverly put together and expertly engineered. They are already starting to make waves within the music industry. Could they just be the band to finally put Bournemouth on the map? Certainly all the ingredients are in place, only time will tell.

The Villanovas

Track Listing
If You Wanna Get Ahead
When I Told You
Bitter Seeds
Honest Man
Last Week

Brett Smith-Daniels – Guitar/Vocals
Jamie White – Guitar/Vocals
Lewis Olsen- Bass
Connor Fox – Drums




Words & Picture by Dave Chinery

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