Thin Wire Fence

Formed in 2013 Bournemouth’s very own slice of Anglo-Americana “Thin Wire Fence” put out their debut “Takerman” EP in 2014. The five-piece are known for their unique Americana-influenced sound combining edgy distorted guitars, pedal steel and keys. The band this month release the eagerly awaited debut album “Green To Dust”. Recorded over just 6 days at the all-analogue Gizzard Recording Studios in London; which is kitted out with some classic studio recording equipment from the late 50’s to the early 70’s, the album and was engineered and mastered by Ed Deegan who focuses solely on developing vintage production techniques.

The nine track album opens with the first single from the record “Hawk”, which opens with a recurring synth combined with a rumbling bass line, electric guitars and D.C’s soft capable vocals leading you into “Under the Radar Out of sight”. “Scared of the Light” gives the first taste of Nick Waugh’s majestic uplifting pedal steel, which together with some lovely light percussion and guitars show the band’s considerable capabilities.

Thin Wire Fence

“Jason” kicks off with a lengthy stint of distorted fuzzy guitars and I can’t help for some strange reason to be reminded of Cliff Richard’s “Devil Woman”. “I Suppose” is an altogether gentler affair with the Lap steel and keys gently meandering along through a path of drums and guitars. “What I’ve Become” is one of the standout tracks of this collection with DC and Janey combining beautifully on vocals. Janey has a beautiful tone somewhere along the lines of Nico or Marianne Faithful. It’s just a shame there are only two tracks where this lovely duet appears.

“Horses” is a hard-hitting assault on the senses with a barrage of noise coming from all angles; with a thundering bassline, crashing precision drumming and cascading keys. DC pushes himself hard on the vocals before delivering some lovely executed guitar work. This is a track that really knows no boundaries, taking influences from all over the musical spectrum. “Sea Monsters” is a hellish tale of what might and probably does lurks beneath the unchartered oceans. This dark tale uses the Sea Monster pseudonym to describe whatever your mind cares to imagine. DC’s deep vocals and the strings create the perfect atmosphere for the deep thought-provoking song.

Thin Wire Fence

The penultimate number takes you across the rainbow bridge to meet up with the Norse God “Odin”. The tune “Odin Calling” is one of the most upbeat of this collection featuring some more fuzziness and some more of Janey’s idyllic vocals. The band leave us with “Native Pride” – another one of their heavier tunes that is sure to sound awesome live, a tune where the band really stretch their legs and come at you from all angles. With only 9 tracks on offer after the first listen, you are sure to hit the repeat button to helter-skelter your way through again as you are sure to have missed some of the band’s delightful ramblings on the first listen.

Scared of the Light
I Suppose
What I’ve Become
Sea Monster
Odin Calling
Native Pride

Line Up
Tony Cook – Bass Guitar
Nick Waugh – Pedal Steel
Janey de Vekey – Vocals, Percussion, Synth
David “Seaside” Watters – Drums
D.C. Smith – Vocals, Guitars, Harmonica



Words By David Chinery (Chinners).

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