The Manic Shine

This last year has seen highly energetic London band “The Manic Shine” go from strength to strength, with two albums already under their belt including 2014’s critically acclaimed debut album “Let Go or Be Dragged”. They have succeeded in gaining premier airtime on stations including XFM, Amazing Radio, Scuzz TV, BBC6 Music and BBC Introducing, as well as support from Kerrang! Magazine. The band now have producer Lee Batiuk (Deaf Havana) on board, and have already released two exciting singles “Haze” and “Blind Love” from their 3rd album “Trail and Triumph”, which is released after a pledge music campaign on 16th November.

Do believe the hype – this band have a sound that take influences from virtually everywhere within the popular music spectrum. The band act as a virtual blender to bring you tunes that are highly listenable and would appeal to a wide range of people. The album opens with the powerful “Ball & Chain”, with rock guitars played over a very addictive chorus that gets into your head immediately after the first listen. “Brakes” continues with a twin guitar onslaught that gives some epic riffs as well as delivering powerful vocals.

The Manic Shine

The two singles “Haze (Singing My Name)” and “Blind Love” are both more than worthy of their singular releases. The quartet are highly skilled within the technical side of producing music and here they use their knowledge to push boundaries, making highly original tunes that keep giving and giving with each listen. “Orbit” for instance gives yet another addictive chorus with yet heavier guitar riffage and a thunderous bass sound. The next single “Blind Love” rolls with the lyrical hook “Everybody wants to find, everybody wants to Find, Blind Love Blind Love” a touching tune about not wanting to be left on the shelf.

The Manic Shine

The final tracks “I Don’t Wanna Hear It”, “Reset” and extra Bonus track “Binary” are by no means filler tracks, the band manage to keep the quality control to a very high standard right to the end with no loss of momentum. The band plan to take this album out and play it in full on tour. If these songs translate well to the live shows then music fans will be in for one hell of a great show. The Manic Shine have been patient and bided their time, this album should catapult them forward into the hearts of a whole army of new fans. I feel a much larger stage beckons very soon!!

Line Up
Ozzie Rodgers – Lead Vox & Guitars
Orren Karp – Guitars & Backing Vox
Hutch Hutchison – Bass & Backing Vox
Tamir Karp – Drums

Track Listing
Ball & Chain
Haze (Singing My Name)
Blind Love
Hold On (Together We’ll Keep Dreaming)
I Don’t Wanna Hear It
Binary [Bonus Track]